Camaro comparisons abound in C&D's short review of the BMW 645Ci Convertible, or "Bangle's pony car", as they are calling it. Much attention is paid to the outsized proportions of the topless wonder, and how the lack of roof improves on the 645 coupe's driving experience by reducing all impediments between lovely exhaust note and driver. The fine print is pretty much identical to the coupe's specs: suspension borrowed from the 5-series, 4.4 liter V8 pumping 325 hp, three gearbox options including SMG, Steptronic and a row-it-yourself 6-speed manual, and a comfortable, if somewhat overdesigned interior. The $78,295 you'll be out in acquiring one may seem worth it when you realize the electric convertible top is not controlled by the i-Drive.

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