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Review: 2008 Volvo XC70 [w/VIDEO]

While station wagons are a very big part of the European automotive landscape, here in the States the two-box design sells much better when it's a crossover. We Americans don't have many choices on the true wagon front, mostly because high volume demand simply doesn't exist. One wagon that has been around for a while is the Volvo XC70, which combines much of the rugged AWD utility of an SUV with traditional wagon packaging. The XC70 is all-new for 2008, including its Ford Mondeo-derived platform, 3.2L engine and more refined sheet metal. On paper, the XC70 delivers a good-looking, safe a... Read More

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    Volvo XC70
    Spy Shots: Volvo XC70

    Volvo's adding some truckish cues to the XC70's exterior in celebration of its move to the EUCD platform. The shiny accents around the fog lamps, along the rockers, and in the rear fascia recall some ambulance conversions we've seen. The Tupperware theme of the current XC is carried over to the new wagon: we wish they'd stop. It looks okay when the car's ...

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    Volvo XC70
    Spy Shots: Volvo's next XC70

    It appears as if a couple more spy shots taken via a shaky camera phone have leaked out of a Volvo factory/warehouse from an undisclosed location. First were shots of the V70 wagon, and now we have the XC70 in our sights, as well. These new shots are actually very telling compared with previous spy shots of the XC70 showing a test mule completely shrouded ...

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    Volvo XC70
    Spy Shots: 2008 Volvo XC70

    Our compatriot in the cubicle over at Winding Road received some shots of the new Volvo XC70 and despite its Missy Elliotian-camo, a few notable design cues are apparent. The Cross-Country receives a mildly angled D-pillar and side mirror-embedded turn signals that seem to be the trend du jour on several new models. Although the plastic-clad front-end ...

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