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2013 Volkswagen Jetta Hybrid

More Fun Than A Prius, Less Sensible Than A TDI Let's have some fun, and do some math. We're talking pretty rudimentary stuff, multiplication and division, to figure out if the upcoming Volkswagen Jetta Hybrid can make a baseline case for itself against two very strong competitors in this segment. The competitors in question, at least for now, are two more Jettas: the diesel-drinking TDI and the fit-for-the-masses SE with VW's long-serving 2.5-liter engine. To keep the equations clean and simple (hey, we're writers), we'll calculate based on the most flattering EPA miles per gallon... Read More

Vital Stats

1.4L Turbo I4 / 20kW motor
170 HP / 184 LB-FT (comb.)
7-Speed DCT
$31,180 (as tested)
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