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2015 Volkswagen GTI

The whine of the turbocharger. The gentle whoosh of the hatchback's hydraulic lift supports. The mechanical ratcheting and clack of the parking brake. The growling exhaust note with that occasional gurgle. The unmistakable sounds of the modern hot hatch are just one of the genre's delightful qualities. This class of car, beloved by enthusiasts for its amplitude of sensory stimulants, low curb weights, potent engines and superior handling, traces its lineage directly back to the MkI Volkswagen GTI, which debuted at the Frankfurt Motor Show back in 1975. Upon its unveiling, the GTI was a ... Read More

Vital Stats

Turbo 2.0L I4
210 HP / 258 LB-FT
6-Speed Manual
Base Price:
As-Tested Price:
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    Volkswagen GTI
    Paris Preview: Peugot 207 GT

    Peugot will be taking the wraps off its newest hot-hatch at Paris: the 207 GT. While anticipation had been building for a road-going production version of the 207 Super 2000 rally car (hinted at with the 207 RCup concept shown at Geneva), the latest information indicates that this will be the range-topper, and that PSA will be dropping the "i" from its ...

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    Volkswagen GTI
    SEAT debuts Leon FR, announces pricing

    Autoblog Spanish has full coverage of the debut of SEAT's new competitor in the hot hatch wars, the Leon FR, courtesy of our man in Madrid, Alberto Ballestin. We're posting a few of his live shots here, the full set of pics is online here.According to What Car? Volkswagen's Spanish subsidiary is pricing its 197 hp FR at $31,910 USD, about $5,630 less ...

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    Volkswagen GTI
    Too Fast, Too Furious... Too 2004?

    AutoWeek attended the SEMA International Auto Salon, a car show for sport compacts and the segment of the aftermarket industry serving sport compacts, and AW writers were sad to see the sorry state the Salon has come to -- moving from the Los Angeles Convention Center to Atlantic City, and finally, to the Fort Washington Expo Center, where the ...

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    Volkswagen GTI
    Subaru Impreza to go hatch hunting in 2008?

    In an effort to move the Impreza to appeal more to family types, Subaru is taking its Impreza and turning it into a 'daring' hatchback. Or at least UK pub Auto Express says so, which doesn't completely rule out a sedan model for the U.S. market. Of course, with the sudden bumper crop of foreign-badged three-and-five doors available in North America ...

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    Volkswagen GTI
    Volkswagen launches new Polo GTI

    VW continues its new model push with a performance version of its Polo. The company borrowed heavily from the Golf GTI to come up with its new Polo supermini, which hits selected markets this spring, after having debuted at the Tokyo Motor Show in late 2005.A significant step up from the last Polo GTI, which delivered 125 hp, the new GTI model pumps out 150 ...

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