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VW CC Recalls

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    Volkswagen CC
    REPORT: VW recalls all 5,000 2008 R32 hot hatches, some CC sedans

    Volkswagen has two unrelated recalls underway, both for issues that pose safety risks. All 5,000 2008 R32s are being called home to replace a valve in the evaporative system. Left unchanged, the fuel tank vent valve may creep open when ambient temperatures are high, and driving conditions are just right. The misbehaving valve could lead to fuel winding up ...

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    Volkswagen CC
    2009 Volkswagen CC, Passat recalled for steering malfunction

    While sporting around the Southeast in Volkswagen's new CC recently, failure of the steering system was not something we worried about. Apparently, though, it should have been. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has announced a recall of all 2009 Volkswaken Passats, Passat Wagons and CCs sold for steering problems. According to the recall ...

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