Private Seller Price - The amount you can expect to pay if you buy a 2007 Audi from a private seller.

Dealer Price - The amount you can expect to pay if you buy a 2007 Audi from a dealer.

Trade-In Value - Based on the Black Book value of a 2007 Audi, this is the amount you can expect to receive for your if you sell it to the dealer at the same time you are purchasing a new vehicle.

Private Sale Price - The amount you can expect to actually receive for your 2007 Audi if you sell it privately.

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You know your shiny new car is going to lose value as soon as you drive it off the lot. But not all cars depreciate at the same rate. Here are some of your best bets.

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These cars depreciate the slowest, potentially making them good buys for the value conscious new-car shopper.

It's a sinking feeling many new car buyers are well aware of, the knowledge that your brand-new car just lost a bunch of money, just because you drove it off the lot. Which cars lose value the fastest, according to

You know that sinking feeling you get in your stomach when you drive your brand-new car off the dealer lot and you know it just lost a huge chunk of value as soon as its tires hit the public roads? Yeah, well that feeling is about to sink even lower into the pit of your stomach.

The best day for holiday shopping isn't the best one for buy a car

The unofficial consumer holiday is often touted as the best day to get some major discounts, but new data from shows Black Friday is only the fifth-best day to get a heavily discounted car.

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2007 Audi Q7
MSRP: $39,900 - $59,900
2007 Audi A6
MSRP: $41,950 - $55,300
2007 Audi A4
MSRP: $28,240 - $46,950

For Sale

2007 Audi A6
$9,950 / 117,316 miles / CA
2007 Audi A4
$6,995 / 108,156 miles / CA
2007 Audi A3
$10,295 / 79,712 miles / CA

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