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A big rig navigating a stretch of windy Wyoming highway last week was blown over by high winds and landed on a Wyoming Highway Patrol cruiser.


We talk Chicago debuts, what we're driving, and buying advice, with some bad jokes thrown in for good measure.

The Chicago Auto Show was chock full of new trucks and SUVs. We have the highlights right here for you.


The Adventure? That’s a different vibe.

Go off road, or at least look like you do.


Truckers are witness to an endless stream of foolish, reckless, and dangerous road behavior. Despite this daily exposure to road-related idiocy, a trucker in Canada was shocked to see a cyclist dart across a busy freeway near Toronto on Monday.


Titan buyers can finally choose from three cab configurations.


Rounding out the TRD lineup in the full-size Toyota universe, and adding a trim to the popular RAV4.


It undercuts the less-advanced 2017 Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro by $700.

Because some vehicles never go out of style.

A list of our current favorites that we think will stand the test of time.


We still really want the Benz truck to come here.


Ram loves special-edition models.

A limited edition that's actually limited!


Musk reiterates that the Model 3 is the priority, though.

Tesla's Guillen has been working on an electric-truck project since joining the company from Daimler in 2012.


And yes, he still drives.

At 110-years-old, Richard Overton is the oldest living United States Army veteran in the world. Born in Bastrop County, TX, in 1906, Overton served as a combat engineer in the South Pacific with the 1887th Engineer Aviation Battalion. Today, Overton resides in Austin where he lives independently in the house he built in 1945.


In an effort to curb a road rage incident and protect his young family, a man in Ocala, FL, backed his lifted F-150 up on to the hood of a Toyota Camry.


In fact, the V8 doesn't even come close.

It can either sound good or go well.


8 years later, Chevy admits the "man step" is a good idea.

A patent was granted in December 2016.

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