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2012 Toyota Yaris SE

Plenty Improved But Facing Stiffer Competition Than Ever Toyota lost much of its credibility with enthusiasts after killing off what few performance cars it offered years ago, and yet the average car buyer still seems drawn to most anything wearing one of its badges. Even so, there has been one vehicle in the Toyota lineup that enthusiasts and cars-as-appliance shoppers have seemingly agreed upon for all the wrong reasons: the Yaris. The subcompact Yaris has never taken hold here in the U.S. like its larger Corolla and Camry stablemates – its awkward shape and unmemorable... Read More

Vital Stats

1.5L I4
106 HP / 103 LB-FT
5-Speed Manual
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    Toyota Yaris
    Spy Shots: 2012 Toyota Yaris looking more aggressive

    Now that the B segment has been set ablaze with newcomers like the Ford Fiesta and Mazda2, it's time for other automakers to freshen up their small car offerings. Honda revamped the Fit for 2009, there's a brand new Chevrolet Aveo on the way, and we're now seeing spy shots of the next-generation Toyota Yaris. The Yaris is undergoing what appears to be a ...

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    Toyota Yaris
    Are you the 2012 Toyota Yaris?

    The Toyota Yaris is ready for an update, something that Toyota of North America has been pushing for some time now. A concept version of the next generation Yaris is expected to make an appearance at the 2011 Detroit Auto Show and we may have gotten a glimpse of what that car will look like thanks to a few scanned images courtesy of French automotive ...

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    Toyota Yaris
    Spy Shots: New Great Wall hatchback plunders Toyota Yaris' booty

    If we were heading up one of China's numerous automakers and we were looking through the annals of history for a vehicle design to crib, our choice probably wouldn't be that of the Toyota Yaris. It's not so much that the Yaris is a bad car, it's that the success of Toyota's little subcompact hatchback is probably based more on the merits of its nameplate ...

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    Toyota Yaris
    2008 Toyota Corolla images surface

    Although the new Corolla won't be seen for another two years, a couple of graining photos showed up yesterday which foretell the future of Toyota's "compact" sedan. The styling is obviously influenced by the Yaris, with a few cues swiped from the current Camry to add some family resemblance. We can expect the new Corolla to grow in every conceivable ...

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