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2015 Toyota Sienna

It's hard to love a minivan, but it's very, very easy to use one. More than any other kind of vehicle – save a panel van, perhaps – the minivan is the most appliance-like of four-wheeled transportation devices. And most minivan buyers don't need to love their purchases; they just need to use them. So when it comes to a minivan's driving dynamics, who cares? Well, we do. So we perked right up when Toyota talked about refinements it made to the 2015 Sienna, starting with some 142 added spot welds made to the body structure. Normally not stop-the-presses stuff, but Toyota says... Read More

Vital Stats

3.5L V6
266 HP / 235 LB-FT
6-Speed Auto
Base Price:
As-Tested Price:
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    Toyota Sienna
    Mommies on Minivans: Practical, but where's the style?

    Toyota can call the Sienna a swagger wagon all it wants, but the slogan isn't going to make moms any happier about hopping behind the wheel. According to The Detroit Free Press, most mothers aren't fooled by gimmicky marketing or the latest attempts to redesign the minivan as a stylish piece of transportation. Reporter Krista Jahnke followed a group of ...

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    Toyota Sienna
    SEMA 2010: Toyota brings some swagger to Sin City

    Seven million. That's how many times Toyota's much-loved Swagger Wagon rap video has been viewed on YouTube. Well, actually, it's 7,154,749... but who's counting? With that in mind, it's not surprising that the Japanese automaker has chosen to outfit its official SEMA floorspace with a customized Sienna dubbed, appropriately enough, Swagger Wagon ...

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    Toyota Sienna
    LA 2009: Third-Gen 2011 Toyota Sienna is a rock star

    Toyota finally took the wraps off their new 2011 Sienna minivan and we have to say, it looks pretty good in person. Although Toyota sent out some teaser shots this morning, we just got back from the official unveiling at the LA Auto Show and have a whole batch of live shots and quite a few more media pics for you to browse. We were quite shocked by the ...

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    Toyota Sienna
    LA 2009: 2011 Toyota Sienna could wear a Lexus badge

    When the new third-generation 2011 Toyota Sienna shows up in dealerships next February, parents should head straight to their closest dealer after dropping the kids at soccer. Notice we didn't say "Moms." We said "parents." Although other minivan makers have attempted to butch up their people movers in the past, those efforts have been mostly lamentable. ...

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    Toyota Sienna
    LA Preview: Toyota set to debut 2011 Sienna minivan

    Soccer moms, NASCAR dads and empty-nesters rejoice! It looks like Toyota is going to debut its 2011 Sienna minivan in Cali next month at the 2009 LA Auto Show. Although the minivan market doesn't get a lot of playtime on enthusiast websites, the segment remains an important (if shrinking) one for full-line manufacturers. While Toyota's past minivans have ...

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