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2012 Toyota Prius V

Life In The Commuter Lane Form follows function, so it's easy to find one element of a vehicle that explains everything you need to know about it. Look at the widened haunches of a 911 and you know there's serious hardware in the Porsche's rump. Check the elongated bed of an F-150 and its obvious the Ford should be roaming free on the ranch. Look at a Smart ForTwo... Actually, don't. It's for your own good. So when I opened the door to the 2012 Toyota Prius V, a single feature stood out: the cupholder. Encircled in a chrome ring and mounted dead-center in the massive armrest, this... Read More

Vital Stats

1.8L I4
134 HP / 105 LB-FT
$36,692 as tested
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