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2012 Toyota Prius C [w/video]

Baby Of The Family Will Play A Big Role Toyota's new 2012 Prius C doesn't look like a math problem, but that's what it is. Hidden behind its attractive hatchback body and Toyota Synergy Drive hybrid powertrain, the Prius C is just a bunch of numbers. Numbers like the car's miles per gallon rating, its MSRP, how many can be produced and how many Toyota hopes to sell. Toyota ran these numbers through its "Do we build it?" formula, which is what caused the Prius C to come into being, but the good news is that this smallest of Prii adds up to more than what was put into it, and even... Read More

Vital Stats

1.5L I4 / 45kW electric motor
99 HP combined
$18,950 base
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    Toyota Prius C
    Spy Shots: Toyota's baby Prius C spotted for the first time

    In addition to the larger 2012 Prius V (which we recently put through its paces for the first time), Toyota is working on a smaller version of its illustrious hybrid, previewed by the Prius C Concept from this year's Detroit Auto Show. Our trusty spy photographers have just spotted the first Prius C prototypes running about, and while the original ...

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