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Toyota Matrix Recalls

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    Toyota Matrix
    Recall Watch: Toyota, GM recalling 660,000 vehicles for window defect

    Joint manufacturing ventures allow both automakers to share resources and platforms, but unfortunately, it also means they share problems. Such is the case with GM and Toyota, whose NUMMI plant in Fremont, California, put out 540,000 Toyota Matrixes, Corollas and 123,00 Pontiac Vibes with faulty bolts that hold in the glass on the two front doors. The ...

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    Toyota Matrix
    NHTSA probing windows on Toyota Matrix, Corolla and Pontiac Vibe

    Toyota's Matrix wagon, Corolla sedan and its mechanical twin the Pontiac Vibe sport wagon are all in hot water after motorists have begun to issue complaints about their power side-front windows. Reports indicate the windows are getting stuck, making popping noises, and in some cases shattering and injuring passengers. To date, more than 503 complaints ...

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