ToyotaFJ Cruiser

Toyota FJ Cruiser

Introduced at the end of 2006, this is the last year for the Toyota FJ Cruiser, the reincarnated FJ40-series Land Cruiser that will shortly journey to Takama-ga-hara, the Plain of High Heaven. In its first model year, we drove it to SEMA and found it, shall we say, coarse. It bobbled on the freeway and droned in the cabin, its boxy interior providing four bounce-boards for unpleasant frequencies. Tall mirrors helped one work around the eclipse of vision aft of the B-pillars, but navigating tra

Current Models
Old Models
2014 Toyota FJ Cruiser
MSRP: $27,680 - $29,270
2013 Toyota FJ Cruiser
MSRP: $27,030 - $28,620
2012 Toyota FJ Cruiser
MSRP: $26,115 - $27,705
2012 Toyota FJ Cruiser
$30,993 / 11,763 miles / WA
2011 Toyota FJ Cruiser
$28,701 / 43,373 miles / WA
2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser
/ 125,490 miles / WA
Phil Smart Inc
1525 Boylston Ave Seattle, 32586 0.5 miles
Stockbridge Autos Inc (Wholesale Only)
2133 3rd Ave Seattle, 32585 0.5 miles
BMW Seattle
714 E Pike St Seattle, 32586 0.5 miles