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2015 Toyota Camry

Every car has its definitive year. Whether it be the Chevrolet Corvette, the Ford Mustang, or yes, even the ubiquitous Toyota Camry, 10.2 million of which have been sold since 1983, every car has its year. For the Camry, that year was 1992. With son-of-Lexus styling, a clear sense of purpose and a parent company that had hit its stride as the purveyor of faultlessly reliable family transportation devices, the Camry got its legs in 1992. It's a car that even your mom is likely to remember, even if she never owned one herself. The Camry you see here represents the closest Toyota has come ... Read More

Vital Stats

3.5L V6
268 HP / 248 LB-FT
6-Speed Auto
Base Price:
As-Tested Price:
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    Toyota Camry
    2012 Toyota Camry leaked in Canadian auto guide

    Trying to keep a floodgate closed is no easy task. Just ask any automaker releasing embargoed images of a new car coming out. When it's something as prolific as a new Toyota Camry, it's bound to get out like water through cracked concrete. And in this case, it's gotten out of our French Canadian neighbors to the north. While Toyota has been releasing ...

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    Toyota Camry
    Spy Shots: This is the 2012 Toyota Camry Hybrid

    Toyota was busy introducing all flavors of the 2012 Toyota Camry to the media earlier this week, but since all that stuff's embargoed, there's not much to tell. Yet. But what isn't under embargo is this collection of spy photos showing the 2012 Camry Hybrid in its birthday suit while shooting a television commercial. The new Camry's familiar roofline ...

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    Toyota Camry
    Spy Shots: 2012 Toyota Camry closer to revealing new look

    Toyota says big things are in store for the redesigned 2012 Camry, and the vehicle is nearly ready to show its face to the world. The mid-sized sedan isn't quite ready yet, however, and our spy photographers have captured the camo-wearing four-doors making their way around the desert. We've been promised a more dynamic looking Camry the next time out, ...

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    Toyota Camry
    Is this the 2012 Toyota Camry? [UPDATE]

    On the heels of last week's official 2012 Toyota Camry teaser video starring Akio Toyoda comes a new image that appears to show the full vehicle. Judging by how closely the headlamps of the car you see here resemble the ones on the red car that Mr. Toyoda was standing by, this very well may be what the all-new Camry will look like. The best-selling ...

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    Toyota Camry
    Spy Shots: It's the all new 201x ... something?

    One of our alert readers was driving down Woodward Avenue in suburban Detroit when he spotted a prototype and quickly snapped off a few photos. That's where the mystery starts. We're honestly not sure what this sedan is. Being in Michigan, it almost certainly belongs to either the Detroit three, Toyota, Nissan or Hyundai, all of whom have technical ...

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    Toyota Camry
    Next-generation Toyota Camry revealed in patent filings? (Updated)

    Toyota may be having some brand image troubles, what with all of the bad press it has been getting lately, but we mustn't forget that the Japanese automaker produces many of America's most popular cars, including the best-selling car in the U.S., the Camry. Those keeping close watch will remember that the Camry received a very minor facelift for the ...

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    Toyota Camry
    2008 Toyota Corolla images surface

    Although the new Corolla won't be seen for another two years, a couple of graining photos showed up yesterday which foretell the future of Toyota's "compact" sedan. The styling is obviously influenced by the Yaris, with a few cues swiped from the current Camry to add some family resemblance. We can expect the new Corolla to grow in every conceivable ...

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