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2014 Toyota 4Runner Limited

What would you say if we told you that outside of Jeep and Land Rover, the best brand for those who want to go off road is Toyota? Sounds remarkable, eh? But the truth is, Toyota's history of providing vehicles for the rougher bits of our blue marble dates back to 1950, barely a decade after Willys built the first Jeeps and only a few years after Land Rover made its big debut with the iconic Series I. In fact, Toyota's start in off-roaders was with a small contract for providing the US Army with vehicles, during the Korean War. From that, the BJ was spawned. This Jeep-like vehicle... Read More

Vital Stats

4.0L V6
270 HP / 278 LB-FT
5-Speed Auto
Base Price:
As-Tested Price:
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    Toyota 4Runner
    Toyota teases 4Runner in advance of debut deep in the heart of Texas

    Toyota is using the occasion of the annual State Fair of Texas – an event automakers commonly use to unveil new pickup trucks (as Toyota itself did with the Tundra back in 2006) – to launch its latest 4Runner SUV for the 2010 model year. While Toyota isn't yet ready to unleash all the details on its newest body-on-frame 4Runner – which ...

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    Toyota 4Runner
    Rumormill: New Lexus GX foretold for Fall

    According to Ward's Auto, Lexus' GX SUV will finally be relieved of duty when a new model comes calling this autumn. The mid-size body-on-frame GX has been serving essentially unaltered since 2003, and dealerships have been struggling to sell them in recent years, with April deliveries down some 66.1% year-over-year. According to Ward's sources, the GX will ...

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    Toyota 4Runner
    Despite market shift, Toyota confirms next 4Runner in development

    With the U.S. market's pronounced shift away from body-on-frame SUVs towards crossovers and tall wagons, you could be excused for thinking that Toyota would be content to let its 4Runner wither away to dust. After all, the midsize SUV has been toiling away essentially unchanged since an updated 2003 model went on sale in 2002. But apparently, that isn't the ...

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    Toyota 4Runner
    Attended: Bridgestone Winter Driving School

    The 2-ton SUV is sliding completely off its intended course. The steering wheel is at full opposite lock, yet uncontrolled oversteer flips the rear end of the Toyota 4Runner around like a cat with its tail on fire. In one last-ditch attempt to halt the pendulum process, I stab the throttle. All four tires desperately claw at the frozen surface, but it is ...

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    Toyota 4Runner
    You can do it, too: Convert a Toyota 4runner to diesel, then to veggie oil

    Interested in a Toyota 4Runner but wish it had a diesel powerplant? In the U.S., your engine options are limited to a 4 liter V6 or a 4.7 liter V8 (and you don't get the V8 in all states). But, if you're not in the U.S. and buying a Toyota Hilux Surf (i.e., a 4Runner with a different name), then you can opt for a diesel engine. Since a diesel engine is made ...

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    Toyota 4Runner
    Catalytic Converters: Thieves target the pod of precious metal

    Bulging in the exhaust system like a rabbit deep in the belly of a boa, the catalytic converter cleans engine fumes before they are released into the air. To the inexperienced, the oversized metal cylinder looks rather uninteresting. To a thief, it is a pod of precious metal worth nearly $200 on the black market.Catalytic converters are loaded with small ...

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    Toyota 4Runner
    Chicago 2008: Toyota 4Runner Urban Runner not really for Urbania

    Click above to view high-res gallery of the Toyota 4Runner Urban Runner The word "urban" seems to be taking on more meanings every day. In its latest use, Toyota has applied it to a truck kitted out for something more like the Amazon rather than "urban" civilization. Starting with a Sport Edition 4Runner, the Urban Edition gets a new audio system, a Tom Tom ...

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    Toyota 4Runner
    SEMA 2007: Adventures in Grafting, Toyota FJ Runner

    click above image to view more live shots of the Toyota FJ RunnerToyota tapped MV Designz in Santa Ana, CA, to fuse two of its most off-road capable creations into one semi-coherent package. The result is the FJ Runner, essentially a 4Runner with an FJ front clip, which Toyota describes as "ruggedness personified." We think it's the proverbial question that ...

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    Toyota 4Runner
    Bum steer: NHTSA investigating Toyota Tundra for bad ball joints

    Investigators at the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) are once again turning their gaze to the Toyota Tundra. The regulatory group's study of the popular pickup's steering mechanism already led to a recall of 790,000 units last year, which included models like the 2002-2004 Sequoia and 2001-2002 4Runner. NHTSA's new inquiry affects ...

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