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Tokyo Auto Salon

WHEN JAN 11-13, 2013 WHERE Makuhari Messe, Tokyo, Japan URL

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    Autoblog Podcast #148 with Jon Linkov from Consumer Reports

    Click above for the Autoblog Podcast in iTunes, RSS or listen now! For Episode #148 of the Autoblog Podcast, Jon Linkov, Consumer Reports managing editor for autos, fills Sam's chair and mulls some timely topics with Chris and Dan. First up is the wheels coming off Penske's deal to take on the...

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    Formula for Disaster: Ferrari Hyabusa Trike on display in Tokyo

    Click above to view more of the Ferrari Hyabusa trike There have been countless attempts to translate the Ferrari spirit from four wheels to two, ranging from sport bikes to choppers and everything in between. But this is the first we've seen with three wheels. That's right, in case your eyes cou...

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    Embrace your inner child with a Lambo ATV

    Click above for gallery of the Liberty Walk Lambo ATV The 2009 Tokyo Auto Salon was loaded with the usual assortment of wild and wacky tuner fare – same as always. But tucked among the cars are hidden treasures like the wee beastie shown above. Liberty Walk/LB Performance are Japanese Lamb...

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    2009 Tokyo Auto Salon: Blitz brings RWD, manual-equipped GT-R

    Click above for a gallery of the Blitz Nissan GT-R You'd have to go to great lengths to improve on the Nissan GT-R, but judging by the number of R35s on hand at the Tokyo Auto Salon, Japan's top tuners are making a serious attempt. One GT-R that caught our attention comes from the aftermarket fi...

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    2009 Tokyo Auto Salon: Mugen NSX RR

    Click above for a high-res gallery of the Mugen NSX RR With the NSX successor officially cancelled, Honda tapped long-time motorsports partner Mugen to create a one-off coupe to commemorate the everyday supercar that ended production in 2005. The Mugen NSX RR is stretched to 177.95 inches (almos...

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    Tokyo Auto Salon 2009: The best from TAS, but first...

    Click above for a gallery of the NATS GT-K With the Detroit Auto Show finally winding down, we can turn our attention to the east (or west, depending on your continental perspective) to take in the motoring madness and engineering wizardry coming out of the 2009 Tokyo Auto Salon. Each year, Japa...

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    Nissan GT-R SpecV: Details, live images and video

    Click above for a high-res gallery of the Nissan GT-R SpecV Nissan's press release on the GT-R SpecV left a lot of unanswered questions, particularly the geeky tidbits that we thrive on. So with the help of our friends at GTRBlog who were on hand for the unveiling in Japan, and a few of our supe...

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    Nissan GT-R SpecV unveiled!

    Click above for a high-res gallery of the Nissan GT-R SpecV After nearly a year of speculation and spy shots, it's official: the Nissan GT-R SpecV has arrived. The limited edition GT-R is a subtle evolution of the super coupe that's set the world on fire after its introduction last year, and Nis...

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    Honda unveils 2009 Tokyo Auto Salon lineup

    Click above for a hi-res gallery of the Sports Modulo S2000 Concept and friends Detroit's not the only auto show kicking off on January 11. The annual Tokyo Auto Salon (think "Japanese SEMA") also kicks off this Sunday, and Honda has announced the vehicle lineup it'll display at Makuhari Messe. ...

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    Mazda bringing Circuit Trial RX-8, Demio and Atenza to Tokyo Auto Salon

    Click above for a high-res image of the Mazda RX-8 Circuit Trial Traditionally, Mazda has a large presence at the Tokyo Auto Salon, and the 2009 show won't be any different. Mazda will have 13 vehicles on hand in January to showcase the automaker's continued commitment to its "zoom-zoom" philoso...

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    Subaru Impreza WRX STI Takumi concept hints at future Spec-C

    Our Parisian friends over at LeBlogAuto were on hand at the Motorsport Japan 2008 event in Tokyo this past weekend, where FHI unveiled an Impreza-based "concept" dubbed the Subaru WRX STI Takumi. Featuring upgraded springs and shocks, revised suspension bits, lightweight 12-spoke wheels, undisclose...

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    Weds creates a 6.1-pound full carbon fiber wheel

    Weds Sports, a Japanese wheel-maker, has created a full carbon fiber wheel -- rims, spokes, hub, everything -- that weighs 2.76 kg. Coming out to about 6.1 pounds, that's about half the weight of the Dymag carbon fiber wheel with a magnesium rim that you'll find on a Callaway Corvette, and just ove...

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    VIDEO: Suzuki Kizashi concepts in the round and on the road

    Click above to view videos Suzuki is said to be unveiling the Kizashi 3 at next week's New York Auto Show, so we thought we'd refresh our memories about the Manga-styled Kizashi 1 and 2 concepts we saw at the Frankfurt Motor Show and Tokyo Motor Show. There's still no information about what powertr...

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    2008 Tokyo Auto Salon: More models from Japan

    How could we possibly (remotely) cover an auto show without providing some shots of the lovely ladies that adorn the manufacturer booths? We can't, so Autoblog Chinese stepped up and snapped off some of the fresh faces found on the floor of the Tokyo Auto Salon for your viewing enjoyment. Enjoy. ...

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    2008 Tokyo Auto Salon: Nissan GT500 GT-R live!

    click above for more live and studio shots of the GT500 GT-R The return of Godzilla to SuperGT kicked off last week with the official unveiling of Nissan's GT500 GT-R and our colleagues at Autoblog Chinese snapped off a dozen shots of the race-ready coupe in its new black and red livery. Nissan has...

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    2008 Tokyo Auto Salon: Mugen Type-RR Experimental Spec

    Click the image above for a high-res gallery. One of the other concepts that graced Mugen's stand in Japan at the recent Tokyo Auto Salon was the Civic Type-RR, which in addition to the obvious replacement of the entire front clip with carbon fiber pieces, also includes a K20A engine that's been bo...

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    2008 Tokyo Auto Salon: Honda Fit F154SC concept by Mugen

    Click the image above for a gallery of live pics and a few high-res press shots. The Honda Fit has established itself as a viable platform for tuners in Japan and with the apparently minimal amount of love being heaped upon the new Civic Type-R, aftermarket firms are focusing more attention on the ...

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    2008 Tokyo Auto Salon: Lexus IS-F racer unveiled

    click above for high-res images of the IS F Racing Concept from TAS Lexus quietly trotted out its IS-F Racing Concept last week at the Tokyo Auto Salon, but despite the official unveiling, more questions than answers remain about the future of the DTM-inspired sedan. According to Winding Road, the ...

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    Tokyo Auto Salon: Mitsubishi Evolution X gets tuner love in Japan

    Click the image above for more shots of Tokyo Auto Salon's assortment of Evos. There were three main show pieces gracing the halls of the Makuhari Messe over the last few days: the GT-R, the new Subaru Impreza STI and Mitsubishi's Evolution X. Autoblog Chinese snapped off a random assortment of pic...

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    Tokyo Auto Salon 2008: Nissan GT-Rs gone wild

    click above to view more modded Nissan GT-Rs from the TAS The Tokyo Auto Salon opened up last week and our comprehensive coverage has been slightly delayed due to the madness known as Detroit. We've partnered up with our friends from Autoblog Chinese to bring you as many live shots of the show as w...


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