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Tesla Roadster Recalls

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    Tesla Roadster
    Tesla recalling 439 Roadsters over auxiliary cable problems

    Tesla is recalling some 439 Roadsters after discovering a redundant 12v auxiliary cable rubbing against a carbon fiber panel on a customer car. The cable, which helps power a variety of auxiliary electrical systems if the primary cable fails, will be inspected and fitted with a protective sleeve. Only 2.0 and 2.5 Roadsters have the cable, so early adopters ...

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    Tesla Roadster
    Tesla Motors and Lotus announce matching recall notices

    Tesla Motors has announced its first-ever recall, affecting all 345 Roadsters the Silicon Valley automaker produced in 2008. According to the official recall notice from the NHTSA, the rear hub flange bolts on some vehicles may not be torqued to proper specifications, which could lead to "degredation in vehicle handling and a rubbing noise from the rear ...

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