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    Official: Mazda reveals new 'Game Changers' advertising campaign

    Looking to highlight its unique and sporty mindset, Mazda is getting ready to launch its biggest advertising campaign since "Zoom-Zoom" became its tagline in 2000. The new campaign, entitled "Game Changers," will begin in May, and rather than focusing on its sporty past – like it did with ...

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    Who's Zoomin' Who? Ad agency behind longtime Mazda campaign reportedly broomed

    Mazda commercials end with the written line, "Zoom Zoom. Forever," and there are few who aren't familiar with that little boy whispering "Zoom Zoom." But while the tagline might be akin to a diamond from De Beers, the 13-year relationship between Mazda and the firm that created it isn't forever ...

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    Sibling Rivalry: What's the better value play, Ford Fiesta or Mazda2?

    2011 Ford Fiesta and Mazda2 – click either image for high-res gallery
    The 2011 Ford Fiesta and Mazda2 come to market this summer with attractive looks and plenty of available features. The two models also have a lot in common, as both vehicles are based off the same B-Segment platform and ...

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    Chicago Preview: 2009 Mazda MX-5 will say hey to USA

    Click above for a high-res gallery of the 2009 Mazda MX-5 (JDM)
    With over 800,000 copies sold during its 20-year lifespan, the Mazda MX-5 is the king of all roadsters. When the miniature Mazda hit the scene in 1989 as the Miata, Mazda gave it impeccable balance and precision. In the interim, the ...

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    Mazda adding 'premium' touches to all models

    Since the Mazda3 hit the streets in 2004, it's proven to be a very strong contender in the small car segment. The compact sedan and hatch has been winning customers over with great styling, athletic ride characteristics, and equipment that typically isn't found in small cars. Its rich mix of ...

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    Mazda3 cost of entry lowered with 2008 i Touring model

    Click above for high-res gallery of the 2007 Mazda3 The Mazda3 has soldered on largely untouched since 2004, but the stylish econobox manages to win comparison tests against even its newest rivals. As a result, Mazda's top-selling vehicle worldwide has been a big-time favorite of tuners and ...

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    Mazda makes big commitment to Karting

    Mazda vehicles are known for reasonable prices and outstanding handling. The company's long-standing "Zoom-Zoom" tagline, even for SUVs, shows that Mazda injects everything they make (except the B-Series) with a bit of race-car spirit. To help breed new Miata and RX-8 drivers, Mazda has decided to ...

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    Spy Shots: 2009 Mazda6

    When the Mazda 6 came out in 2003 it had the best driving dynamics in its class, but four years later there's more power and more size everywhere else in the segment. We got our first glimmer of hope for a new 6 last summer when we tipped you off to some photos of a Mazda 6 test mule and now it ...

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    Crossover Crazy: Mazda has five people-haulers from which to choose

    The well-known zoom-zoom tag-line in every Mazda commercial is being tested by a flood of crossover vehicles that don't exactly fit the company's sporty persona. To complicate things further, all five vehicles are close in price, with the difference from bottom to top being a mere $11,400. CX-9: ...

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    Mazda awards young driver with an MX-5 and racing career

    Andrew Caddell celebrates winning the 2006 SCCA National Championship Runoff You've got to hand it to Mazda. They want to be Zoom Zoom and they poney up the products and the marketing to back it up. Back in October we told you about Mazda's unique sponsorship of the SCCA, where they ran a ...

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    Car marketing firms "like ADD ferrets on amphetamines"

    Whether encountered via television, print, radio, Internet or billboards, it's hard to escape automotive advertising. Because they're so omnipresent, most people tend to 'tune out,' so automakers have turned to slogans to and catchphrases to stay in consumer's minds, with the inevitable varying ...

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    Mazda2 receives freshening, equipment upgrades

    We're not sure how this slipped by us, but word came down earlier this month that the diminutive Mazda2 supermini is getting a once-over from the Japanese automaker. The baby Zoom2 is the beneficiary of revamped light fixtures (front and rear), and some fascia alterations. The net-net is a more ...


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