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zombie apocalypse

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    Video: Having a Diehard battery key to surviving the zombie apocalypse?

    While there's no shortage of zombie commercials and marketing gimmicks floating around these days, Sears has come up with one of the coolest yet. With high production values and plenty of suspense, this 79-second spot looks more like a George Romero flick than an ad for Diehard car ...

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    Video: Subaru WRX... official escape vehicle of the zombie apocalypse?

    What's more fun than running through a five-kilometer obstacle course in the woods? Running through a five-kilometer obstacle course in the woods... while being chased by zombies! The event is called Run For Your Lives, and while it doesn't actually involve, you know, "real" zombies (which ...

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    Video: How to Zombie-proof your car in the likely event of the apocalypse

    Mighty Car Mods shows us how to prepare our vehicle for a zombie attack – Click above to watch video after the jump
    Anyone can mod their car for speed or handling. Those things might not be so helpful when the inevitable happens – our unavoidable future apocalypse full of brain-eating ...


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