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    Chevy El Camino could return for 2011

    var digg_url = ''; Mike Levine at is speculating that there's a good chance the El Camino name will be revived in the near future. The prospects just seem too good considering that Holden, GM's Australian division, ...

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    CONFIRMED: Buick getting fourth model, Velite likely

    In an interview with Car and Driver, Troy Clarke, president of GM's North American efforts, confirmed that Buick would be getting another model by the end of the decade. The forth vehicle to join the Buick stable will be rear-wheel drive and take cues from the Velite concept that debuted at the ...

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    VIDEO: Autoblog Podcast #65 (enhanced)

    Autoblog Podcast #65 part 1 The enhanced version of Autoblog Podcast #65 is off the burner and onto your plate. In part one, we talk about the possibility of a car-based, RWD pickup from Hyundai's BH platform. In the podcast's second section we talk about the ridiculous auction for the General ...

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    Autoblog Podcast #65

    We're punchy for this one (just check out our outtakes at the end, even better than last time!). We start off with a lively debate over Hyundai's rumored full-size RWD truck on the BH platform and whether it will be good or bad. No consenus was reached, but it will be exciting to see if Hyundai can ...

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    Wanna see a red Pontiac G8? Yeah, we thought so

    The folks over at Kicking Tires had no intention of running into a red prototype Pontiac G8, but when they saw it, they whipped out the camera phones and did a great job with the limited tools at hand. The result is a pre-production look at one of the most anticipated vehicles for the 2009 model ...

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    Enter the Rumormill: Zeta-platform Impala delayed 12 months?

    Brian from Cheers & Gears, the GM aficionado site, sent us a link to a forum thread that is definitely of interest. Keep in mind that there's no official confirmation of any of this yet, so we're taking it with a grain of salt until we hear it from someone at GM. With that established, let's ...

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    El Camino on the horizon again?

    Mike Levine over at has made an argument for the return of the El Camino, the car-based pickup sold back in the day that has risen to cult status in the modern era. Considering the cost of fuel these days and fuel economy standards that are likely to rise in the next decade, a ...

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    In The Autoblog Garage: Holden Commodore SS V-Series

    click image to view high-res gallery of the Holden Commodore SS V-SeriesSince the Pontiac G8 burst onto the scene at the Chicago Auto Show heralding a new era of affordable, rear-wheel drive GM sedans, interest in the new vehicle has been intense. Based on GM's new Zeta platform, the G8 is actually ...

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    Pontiac may get a G8 RWD sedan

    General Motors' announcement last week to build the Camaro and other rear-wheel-drive product at its soon-revamped Oshawa facility is a perfect ignition source for all sorts of RWD product rumors, so let's get things started with talk about the Pontiac G8. The cancellation of the Bonneville has ...

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    Spy Shots: 2008 Chevy Impala

    Behold... the 2008 Chevy Impala-- or at least, that's what The Car Connection thinks it is. The mystery vehicle in question sports round rear taillights, a grillw that looks suspiciously like the 2003 Chevy SS concept, and a long wheelbase. TCC makes a good case that the prototype is rear-wheel ...

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    UAW wants new Camaro built in Oklahoma City

    With the reintroduction of the Chevrolet Camaro all but certain, General Motors and the UAW are now trying to figure out where to build the beast. Officials from the union are making a pitch for the recently idled Oklahoma City plant, which assembled long-wheelbase versions of the Chevy ...


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