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zenvo st1

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    Video: Zenvo responds to Top Gear review after its car catches fire during testing

    Another day, another Top Gear controversy. This time, the boys from the BBC's hit show haven't enraged a country or British sensibilities - they've gone back to their old stomping grounds of upsetting car companies. In last week's episode of Top Gear (which is set to air in the United States on ...

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    First Drive: Zenvo ST-1 [w/video]

    The 1,104-HP Supercar You Can Drive To The Mall The soundtrack of existence is mostly thrum and clatter, the day's small deeds and smaller conversations usually having no more affect on you than the burbling of a refrigerator. And then there's a noise that makes an impact and catches your ...

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    Zenvo's North American special edition ST1 50S comes with watch, $1.8 million price tag

    Denmark may not rank among the countries – like Italy, Germany or England – you'd list as the foremost producer of exotic supercars, but Zenvo is out to change that with the ST1. The Danish sportscar is coming to America courtesy of Red Sea Distribution, and not unlike the new ...

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    Zenvo ST1 gets a U.S. distributor and a price: $1,225,000

    Zenvo ST1 – Click above for high-res image gallery
    The Zenvo ST1 and Dartz Kombat are coming the to U.S., both brought to you by Indiana importer Red Sea Distribution. The Danish-made coupe will set you back $1,225,000. That price might seem steep for a dressed-up Corvette boutique, ...

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    1,104-HP Zenvo ST1 seen in the metal, more details released

    Zenvo ST1 -- Click above for high-res image gallery
    For a while there it seemed every new "I'm going to build a supercar!" designer put out a few impossibly beautiful drawings, then drove their stunningly rendered car into oblivion. Now it appears as though everyone who says he's going to build a ...

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    VIDEO: Zenvo ST1 is a Danish delight

    Click above to see and hear the Zenvo ST1 prototype
    We only received word as to the existence of the Zenvo ST1 last December – even though the car had apparently been in the works for four years by that time. Now, just four months later, an unpainted prototype is on the road getting ready to ...

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    1,104-hp twin-charged Danish-designed Zenvo ST1

    Click above for a high-res gallery of the Zenvo ST1
    With supercar startups coming out of the woodwork, it takes a lot to get our attention. Danish company Zenvo Automotive has done just that with the announcement of its newest project, the ST1. With a mid-mounted turbocharged and supercharged ...


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