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    BMW exports over one million vehicles from South Carolina factory

    American automakers have long struggled to export U.S. made vehicles to overseas markets. BMW, on the other hand, has apparently had no such problem. After 15 years of building cars and SUVs in Spartanburg, South Carolina the company has now shipped over one million cars to overseas markets. ...

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    BMW plant in Spartanburg, SC produces 1.5 millionth vehicle

    BMW invaded the South in 1993, and it's first U.S.-made product was popped out in September a year later. Fifteen years after that there have been five factory expansions, 5,000 jobs created, a methane gas pipeline installed, a center for automotive research created, a golf tournament started, ...

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    RR of the Day: 2001 BMW M Coupé

    Everyone has a list of vehicles that they want to drive before they die, for me, today's RR of the Day is a vehicle that I've vowed to own. The first time I saw an M coupé in person at a strip mall in my hometown, I waited 20 minutes for the owner to come out, interrogated him for a half an ...

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    Cross-Dresser: Miata fronts as Z3 on eBay

    When does a 1995 Mazda Miata cease being a Miata? We're not sure it ever truly does, but the owner of this particular example put in a Herculean effort to try and make it happen. No folks, your eyes do not deceive you: despite all the Bimmer-look trickery, the car you see here is a '95 Miata with ...

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    South African website names "gayest, straightest, and sexiest" cars

    And to think, VW/Audi is at the forefront of marketing its vehicles to LGBT audiences... In the latest round of assigning sexuality to vehicles, the Audi RS4 has emerged as the "straightest" car around in the "Alternative Car of the Year" poll, conducted by Wheels24, a South African online ...

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    The Z4 goes bi: Hartge Biturbo Z30

    BMW tuner Hartge is no stranger to building fast BMWs. Stuffing the 5.0-liter V10 into a 3-series, and a 4.4-liter V8 into a 1-Series are just a couple of their recent feats of magic. The latest transformation is the H30 Biturbo, taking the twin-turbo 3.0-liter straight six from the 335i and ...

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    Wll the next roadster from BMW be a Z6?

    The original Z3 roadster enjoyed respectable sales numbers. Then along came the Bangle-ized Z4. Sales of the Z4 aren't bad, but haven't set the world on fire either. So is it time for a replacement? With rumors and speculation swirling, the folks at Hidden Image took the info they had and created a ...


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