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58Cadillac ELR could be GM's true halo car, especially among the young

In a state where many residents are known to do anything to appear younger, General Motors' Cadillac division will also look for the veritable fountain of youth for its ELR extended-range plug-in. Cadillac is counting on California, the state with easily the most cars in the US, on helping to push the brand's reputation away from its cushy-riding, blue-haired past, Plug In Cars says.

53VIDEO: UK ad authority restricts "violent" VW ad after logging 1,000+ compliants

Click above to watch VW's banned video after the jump

55Will the American market's new small cars resonate with young buyers?

Continued gas price hikes have intensified media coverage on subcompacts like the Toyota Yaris, Honda Fit and upcoming Nissan Versa. Bloomberg's Doron Levin, though, questions if young Americans will truly embrace the 'Small is Beautiful' trend.

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