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    Video: Meet the four horsemen behind Nissan's GT-R engine

    "Handbuilt by Takumi Kurosawa," a nameplate you can find on Nissan GT-R engine blocks, describes the actions of one of four takumi who build VR38 engines for the Japanese supercar. Each of Nissan's four artisans ensure that every twin-turbo V6 receives the utmost in care and feeding from the ...

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    2010 Nissan Leaf [*UPDATED w/vids & live photos]
    In person, in depth - and U.S. bound 1249177680

    2010 Nissan Leaf EV - Click above for hi-res gallery
    It would be easy to paint Nissan as late to the burgeoning U.S. green party, as the company essentially only counts the Altima Hybrid to sell among its alt-fuel offerings – and that sedan utilizes technology borrowed from Toyota, and ...

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    SEMA 2008: Yokohama tire dealers compete in blackjack tournament to win Superformance MkIII Cobra

    Click above for a high-res gallery of Yokohama's Superformance MkIII Cobra While many tire manufacturers are cutting back at SEMA this year (come on Michelin, where's our supercar display?), others are pushing forward with new products and generating lots of excitement. Yokohama decided to try ...

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    Lemony Fresh: Yokohama uses citrus oil in tires

    Yokohama is doing its part to reduce petroleum consumption. Its new Super Nanopower Rubber compound uses a unique brew of citrus oil and natural rubber to cut petroleum in the tire's makeup by 80 whole percent. The Decibel Super E-Spec (they certainly have a knack for catchy names) tires that use ...

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    Nissan offices to open in Yokohama

    Nissan decided to return to their roots, at least geographically, when they broke ground this past Saturday on their new global head office in Yokohama, Japan. The city of Yokohama served as the launching pad for Japan's second largest car manufacturer over 70 years ago.The new, 860,000 square-foot ...

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    Video: Michelin Tweel in motion

    It's been well over a year since Michelin unveiled its take on the future of the tire, the airless Tweel. The odd-looking invention pairs a replaceable outer rubber layer with a central alloy hub joined by polyurethane ribs. Judging by this video, it would appear that the tire manufacturer is ...


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