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    Report: Toyota nears $40B cash reserve as calls grow for new investment, payouts

    With the April 15 tax deadline just a few months away, our US readers will be faced with a decision should they get a refund: save or spend? It seems this issue is one many of us face whenever there's a windfall, trying to decide whether we should set the money aside in an account of some sort or ...

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    Official: Toyota reports huge quarterly profit increase, raises forecast for the year

    Toyota isn't just the world's largest automaker – so far its the biggest winner for quarterly profits. With an enormous $5.5 billion take during Q2, Toyota took advantage of the weak Japanese yen and strong US demand to record a 94-percent improvement in profit over the same period from ...

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    Report: Mazda's first profit in five years in sight due to weak yen

    Automotive News reports Mazda is set to turn a profit for the first time in five years. The automaker is more dependent on exports from Japan than other automakers based in that country, and as a result, it has long suffered at the hands of a strong yen. But the currency has declined in value by ...

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    Report: Nissan's Ghosn urges Japan's new PM to stabilize yen, patch things up with China

    Shinzo Abe was sworn in as Japan's new prime minister – its seventh in six years – barely a week ago. To count him as the seventh PM is a bit disingenuous, in fact, since he was the prime minister in 2006 and 2007 but had to retire due to medical issues. His return came after a ...

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    Report: Japanese automakers ramping production for renewed American sales

    The 2011 earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan took quite the toll on the automotive industry in that nation. Not content to lean on that tragedy as excuse for slagging sales, the Japanese automakers are planning on a major production expansion in North America. The aim is to reclaim the ...

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    Report: Toyota to build Yaris in France for North America

    Toyota has already made it abundantly clear the company intends to scale back production in Japan in an attempt to combat the ever-strengthening Yen, and now it looks as if we know one of the ways the automaker plans to do so. Toyota has announced it will manufacture U.S. and Canadian-spec Yaris ...

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    Report: Toyota and Nissan to cut Japanese production

    No surprise here. Both Nissan and Toyota have moved to cut production in Japan, according to Reuters. Nissan has made it clear that it will will drop capacity from the 1.35 million units produced in 2011 to 1.15 million in 2013. In 2012, Nissan expects to produce 1.22 million vehicles in its ...

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    Official: Honda announces Fit production moving to Mexico

    The strength of the Yen is forcing many Japanese automakers to consider building cars for export markets outside their home country. Honda is no different, and has confirmed that it will build the Fit hatchback at its new plant in Mexico starting in the spring of 2014. The plant in Mexico is not ...

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    Report: Infiniti moving production out of Japan to counter strong yen

    Being a global automaker means having to deal with the rising and falling tides of currency. The climate is particularly difficult in Japan, where the yen is valued at record levels compared to the American dollar. Since a giant chunk of Japanese automotive exports are shipped off to America, ...

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    Report: Toyota urges suppliers to slash prices or be left behind

    For years, Detroit automakers would argue that the Japanese yen was artificially devalued, and that the value of the currency was a big competitive advantage to the likes of Toyota and Honda. To erase this gap, The Detroit Three pressured suppliers to lower costs in any way possible, which caused ...

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    Toyota opens first new plant in Japan in almost 20 years

    The Yen is soaring, and that means it's costing Japanese manufacturers a lot of money to sell goods here in the United States. Some are moving areas of production to other countries, yet Toyota has decided to open its first new Japanese manufacturing facility in nearly 20 years. Toyota's newest ...

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    Japanese automakers revise earnings estimates on strength of Yen

    Akio Toyoda, president of Toyota, has stated that the Japanese automaker is planning to revise its earnings forecast due to the fact that the Yen has reached a 15-year high. The full-year profit forecast was based on a rate of 90 Yen to the US Dollar. It will be reduced to around 80 Yen to USD. ...

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    Report: Toyota president assuages fears that he's closing all Japanese factories

    Toyota President Akio Toyoda caused something of an uproar in the automaker's home market of Japan when he suggested that "logically, it doesn't make sense to manufacture in Japan." Why? The surging value of the Yen, currently at a 15-year high, compared to the U.S. Dollar. Considering that the ...

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    Toyota reportedly cutting Prius price to match Honda Insight in Japan... will U.S. follow?

    2010 Toyota Prius - Click above for a hi-res gallery
    Toyota may have gotten used to being the leader in the hybrid sedan segment, but the Japanese auto giant didn't get to where it is today by failing to see the writing on the proverbial wall. With arch-rival Honda having priced its new Insight ...

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    Honda could move headquarters outside of Japan

    Corporate posturing or not, Honda's Takeo Fukui made his opinions perfectly clear regarding the Japanese government's recent lack of currency manipulation. Fukui, CEO of Honda Motor Co., suggested that the yen's rise in value relative to the currency in the United States and Europe is causing ...

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    Lexus IS-F sales begin 12/25 with 417 HP underhood

    click above image to view more high-res photos of the Lexus IS-F Merry Christmas, says Lexus, which announced today that its hopped up entry-level luxury sedan will go on sale Christmas Day in Japan. Also unknown until now is the exact horsepower rating of the car's 5.0L V8, which has been ...

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    Yen vs. Dollar/Euro: Both US and European automakers feeling the pinch

    Most people looking to purchase a Toyota or Nissan just don't care about the value of the Yen vs. the Dollar. It just isn't relevant. For automakers here and in Europe, however, it's a very big deal. The Auto Trade Policy Council estimates a Japanese auto manufacturer advantage of $9,000 on ...

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    Toyota posts higher than expected quarterly profits

    Toyota has just released its earnings report for the quarter spanning April through June and the Japanese automaker has posted an operating profit of $4.45 billion. Toyota's profits even beat the optimistic projections of most analysts. Its North American outfit accounted for a little over $1.2 ...

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    GM's Wagoner joins chorus blaming weak yen

    General Motors CEO used the bully pulpit at GM's annual shareholders' meeting to repeat a complaint that has been made several times in the past few decades (and will likely will be heard many times again) - the Japanese government is artificially holding the value of the yen low relative to ...

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    Yen rate gives Japanese automakers unfair advantage, Chrysler's LaSorda says

    At the Mackinac Policy Conference in Michigan on Thursday, Chrysler president and CEO Tom LaSorda said he plans to call on George W. Bush to confront Japan about an artificially low yen rate that he maintains unfairly allows Japanese automakers up to a $3,000 advantage per vehicle ...


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