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AddChina about to unleash massive anti-clunker policy

Some of the world's most notoriously smoggy cities are hoping for relief in a new plan taking aim at what's coming out of their tailpipes. In response to serious air pollution problems and an attempt to meet emissions standards, China plans to decommission more than 5 million aging vehicles by the end of 2014. 330,000 of the cars being retired will come from Beijing, which sees some 31 percent of its PM2.5 particulate matter coming from vehicle emissions. In all, 20 percent of the vehicles being

AddBeijing ban could fuel electric vehicle demand

Beijing has been taking real steps to reduce its pollution after last year's Olympic Games brought the issue to a very public stage. There are already some rather complicated rules that drivers need to follow and, starting this year, cars will be required to carry a "yellow label" if they don't meet Euro I emissions standards. These standards were first adopted in China back in 1992. Cars that carry these labels will be banned from certain roadways in the city for at least one day per week. Fort

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