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yanko design

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    ETC: Discolor tire shows you when it's time for new rubber

    Two designers that have already won a Red Dot concept design award for the Bevel Cup, Gao Fenglin & Zhou Buyi, have come together again on an idea called the Discolor Tyre. Understanding it couldn't be simpler: A layer of colored rubber beneath the black casing will appear when the outer ...

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    Designer imagines a motorcycle for Hyundai

    Designer Min Seong Kim envisions a rather interesting world where Hyundai, alongside its automobiles and heavy equipment, also builds motorcycles. The structure of the bike is, in true conceptual fashion, made of a material that can tighten or relax, which the designer believes would aid in ...

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    The Amatoya: Meet the next generation of fire fighting vehicles

    Amatoya Reconnaissance and Suppression Vehicle - Click above for image gallery
    Designer Liam Ferguson's vision of how to fight fires almost makes us wish we were firemen – as long as we could have the keys to one of these. The Amatoya is a site recon and light tanker vehicle designed with a ...

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    Could it work? Eight-way adjustable wheels for more cornering force

    DAWS concept - Click above for gallery
    When Charles Pyott considered the possibility of on-the-fly adjustable camber, he looked at motorcycles, the human foot and cars like the Mercedes F400 Carving and the BMW Clever. What he came up with isn't something you'll find on any of them: the Dynamically ...

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    Yanko Designs renders one-off Ferraris

    UPDATE: The designs that Yanko's got on its website are from a past Ferrari design competition, thanks to all the sharp eyed readers who caught it. As we reported not too long ago, Ferrari is not stupid, and if you've got the obscene cashflow, you can get your own design rendered in Rosso Corsa ...


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