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169Discolor Tyre Uses Bright Color To Indicate Tire Wear

Change your oil every 3,000 miles and your tires every...well, that depends. The uncertainty surrounding tire wear and tear, however, could all change with this nifty concept.

79Discolor tire shows you when it's time for new rubber

Two designers that have already won a Red Dot concept design award for the Bevel Cup, Gao Fenglin & Zhou Buyi, have come together again on an idea called the Discolor Tyre. Understanding it couldn't be simpler: A layer of colored rubber beneath the black casing will appear when the outer tread depth falls beneath a certain amount. Fenglin and Buyi estimate that 20,000 kilometers of driving, or about 12,400 miles, will cause the colored tread to show, but there's no reason why harder rubber c

48Lockheed Stratoliner is a hydrogen-fueled jet with near-around-the-world range

Based on the Bar-tailed Godwit, a bird that makes the longest known non-stop flight without even stopping to feed (7,258 miles – imagine that), the Lockheed Stratoliner is designed to be a go-anywhere jet that's fueled by hydrogen.

35Designer imagines a motorcycle for Hyundai

Designer Min Seong Kim envisions a rather interesting world where Hyundai, alongside its automobiles and heavy equipment, also builds motorcycles.

33The Amatoya: Meet the next generation of fire fighting vehicles

Amatoya Reconnaissance and Suppression Vehicle - Click above for image gallery

AddRendered racing fantasy: 1-Liter Racing surfs to the future

One Liter Racing - Click above for high-res image gallery

AddFanciful rendering of Audi Avatar shows what ultralights could be like in 2032

Audi Avatar Concept - Click above for high-res image gallery

AddVertical bike parking protects from theft, worry

Bikes are the most efficient thing on two wheels (sorry, Aptera), but they're not ideal for everyone's city commute. A new vertical parking/shower stall concept from Yinnon Lehrer over at Yanko Design could make biking an easier choice for a lot of people. The main reasons: you bike is protected from theft and, in one of the concept kiosks, you can freshen up if you've had a sweaty ride. Lehrer's long-term parking concept is incredibly flexible – the parking rods could be installed at t

17Yanko Designs renders one-off Ferraris

UPDATE: The designs that Yanko's got on its website are from a past Ferrari design competition, thanks to all the sharp eyed readers who caught it.

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