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4Yamaha calls on big-name talent for Vmax Hyper Modified project

We won't be strolling the aisles of this year's EICMA show in Milan, and that's nothing short of a crying shame. There's going to be a wide selection of fantastic machines on display, including a very interesting project built on the bones of the Yamaha Vmax. Yamaha Europe has released a teaser for the custom bike, and as it turns out, the project has called upon some of the most renowned builders in the world. Roland Sands, Marcus Walz and Ludovic Lazareth have all thrown in a bit of expertise

22Officially Official: 2009 Star Motorcycles VMax, with live pictures

Click above for more live images from the official worldwide VMax unveiling

26Web-assisted early look at the 2009 V-Max

Click above for more early shots of the 2009 V-Max

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