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    Official: Gray Designs' latest auto-influenced yacht dubbed Xhibitionist [w/video]

    Swedish designer Eduard Gray, who you've heard of via the Dartz Jo-Mojo and Pombron Nagel concepts and delightful Saab 92010 Sixten concept, is back at the drawing board penning boats and matching supercars. Following the Strand Craft 122, the Xhibitionist is a 75-meter superyacht with unmissable ...

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    BMW designers make waves with new Intermarine 55 motoryacht

    Intermarine 55 by BMW DesignworksUSA – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Head down to the local yacht club and you're likely to see as many BMWs in the parking lot as anything else. It's not that Bimmers are any more nautical than any other car, but they seem to attract the same sort ...

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    BMW splits from Oracle after America's Cup win

    America's Cup champion BMW Oracle Racing says German automaker BMW is ending its sponsorship at the end of the year by mutual agreement. BMW has been part of the syndicate since 2002, contributing in the areas of structural engineering and lightweight, composite construction. BMW Oracle Racing ...

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    Strand Craft 122 super yacht comes with supercar and in-boat garage to hold it

    Strand Craft 122 Super Yacht – Click above for high-res image gallery
    We know what you're thinking. What business does a yacht – albeit one as ridiculously lustworthy as the Strand Craft 122 promises to be – have gracing the pages of Autoblog? Somewhat surprisingly, the answer ...

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    Spirit of EcstaSea: Rolls-Royce collaborates on Palmer Johnson mega-yacht

    Palmer Johnson Ice Class World Yacht – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Teak decks, big engines, luxurious accommodations, leisurely cruising, lots of chrome...we could just as easily be talking about a modern Rolls-Royce as a motor yacht. So it should come as no surprise that ...

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    Naval architects float designs for nautical Range Rovers

    Luxury sport-utes and yachts go together like champagne and strawberries. The good folk at the Volkswagen Group know that, which is why they came up with the VW Touareg North Sails and Audi Q7 V12 TDI Coastline concepts. But the British aren't about to leave all the wet n' wild fun to ze Germans, ...


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