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81Watch Brad Pitt's Chinese Cadillac XTS commercial

Once upon a time, in a land not so far from this one, Brad Pitt was the very face anti-consumerism. You see, when he slipped into the role of the elitist-loathing, food-abusing, violence-embracing Tyler Durden from Fight Club, his visage was inextricably married to images of leveling credit card corporations with nothing more than a little human fat and some determination. Of course, that was before Pitt settled into old age with a passel of children at his feet. Now, it seems, he'll shill for s

43Cadillac moves to trademark LTS, is it for a rear-drive flagship?

Car and Driver is back with more info on the potential future of Cadillac, having discovered that our finest domestic luxury brand has filed a trademark application for the name "LTS." The reasoned speculation: that since Cadillac tends to use the names it files to protect, LTS could be applied to one of the two rear-drive sedans expected to arrive soon – either the eventual successor to the just-introduced XTS or an Omega-platformed top-tier flagship. Another possibility is the name XLS.

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