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    Report: Jaguar X-Type replacement aims to fight the 3 Series

    With the all the news coming out of Jaguar, it's obvious its Indian parents are intent on making the leaping cat a credible competitor to the world's luxury automakers. To wit: not only has Jag green-lit the XE – a next-generation XK-based competitor to the Porsche Boxster – it ready ...

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    Officially Official: Mitsubishi Evolution X FQ400 coming to the UK in June

    Mitsubishi Evolution X FQ400 - Click above for a high-res image gallery
    The Mitsubishi Evolution X FQ400 has been rumored for months and its finally ready for its close-up before sales begin in the UK this June.In keeping with its NSFW nomenclature, the FQ400 is putting out 403 hp at 6,500 rpm, ...

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    Mitsubishi Evolution X FQ400 coming with 405 hp

    Click above for a gallery of the 2010 Mitsubishi Evolution X FQ400
    Autocar snagged a handful of pics and some initial specs of the UK-only Mitsubishi Evolution X FX-400, and as suspected, the hotter Evo is a road-going version of the ADR Motorsport-prepared sedan that successfully campaigned this ...

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    Mitsubishi Evolution X FQ400 gets the green light

    Click above for a high-res gallery of the Mitsubishi Evolution X MR
    It was only a matter of time before Mitsubishi's British engineers tired of relentlessly beating the FQ300 and FQ360 versions of their homegrown Evos. So it's no surprise that after a 400-hp version of the Evo X successfully ...

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    Review: 2008 Mitsubishi Evolution X MR

    2008 Mitsubishi Evolution X MR – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Here's a revelation: being stuck in traffic sucks. And it's even more infuriating behind the wheel of an Evo.Despite what some scribes might lead you to believe, the Evos of yore (VIII and IX) weren't deplorable daily ...

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    Spy Shots: BMW M-tuned X5 and X6 in Spartanburg

    Click above for high-res gallery of BMW X5 M and X6 M spy shots Despite earlier assertions to the contrary, all indications are now that BMW is preparing its first batch of M-tuned sport-utilities, including an X5 M and X6 M. Advanced-stage test mules for both have now been spied by a keen ...

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    Finally... Mitsubishi Evo X MR coming to the U.S. this June

    Click above for a high-res gallery of the Mitsubishi Evolution XWe've already spent some wheel time in the Mitsubishi Evolution X GSR, and despite some dynamic criticisms, we're convinced that the new Evo remains one of the most compelling performance bargains south of $40-grand. But what about the ...

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    Mitsubishi Evo MR and lightweight Subaru STI Spec-C coming

    Click either image for a high-res rendering of each model at AutoExpress.Mitsubishi and Subaru are entering round two of the newest battle for all-wheel-drive supremacy and AutoExpress has ringside seats. Both automakers are preparing hard-core versions of their turbocharged, rally-bred road ...

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    Saab Aero X designer honored

    For a car designer, being honored by ELLE magazine might not be something you rush to append to your Curriculum Vitae. On the other hand, good design is good design, and the difference between the design cognoscenti and lay people is largely an ability to verbalize the pleasing elements of a form. ...

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    Fiat crossover expected in 2010, Alfa version to follow

    The Italians are known for making great sports cars, touring cars, supercars, even little itty-bitty cars. Sport-utes, not so much. Lamborghini's monster LM002 notwithstanding, the last time few times Fiat tried its hand at SUVs, it came up with the Sedici (a slightly taller than normal compact ...

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    Official pics of Mitsubishi's Evolution X

    Click the image above for more shots of Mitsubishi's Evolution X.We're counting down the days before our departure to Japan for the Tokyo Motor Show, and as we mark each passing date with a red "X" it takes on a special meaning.Car and Driver's initial review of the Mitsubishi Evolution X has ...

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    Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X Ralliart caught in unceremonious reveal

    Our Nipponese friends from Nihon Car just attended the imaginatively named "Motor Sport Japan 2007" event and came across the new Mitsubishi Evolution X sporting some Ralliart duds. Although they weren't able to pry any details from the tight-lipped Mitsubishi PR flacks, they were able to run ...

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    C&D first to drive the slower but faster Mitsubishi Evo GSR

    Our pulpy friends over at 2002 Hogback Road have gotten their hands on the latest version of Mitsubishi's Evo, the Evo X. Car and Driver's November 2007 issue has a preview of the Evo X, and they found that while the new car gives up speed to the outgoing model in a drag race, it kicks it in the ...

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    Infiniti G37 coupe to get AWD

    Official word has yet to come down from on high, but it's pretty much a foregone conclusion that the Infiniti G37 will eventually get AWD hardware. Potential buyers are asking dealers, who are in turn asking Infiniti about channeling the VQ's urge through all four wheels. The M45 and G35S will both ...

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    'X' doesn't mark the spot: Mitsubishi to drop numerical designation on UK Evo

    Over nearly two decades, Mitsubishi's Evolution has done exactly what its name implies, with each successive model getting better, and a separate numerical designation affixed to the trunk. However, according to AutoExpress, buyers of the newest Evo in UK will be getting their all-wheel-drive rally ...

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    Mitsubishi releases details on S-AWC and Twin Clutch SST

    Two of the most anticipated features of the new Evolution X, not including the 4B11T engine, are the new all-wheel-drive system and the move to a dual-clutch gearbox. Mitsubishi has released some preliminary details on both systems, which aim to increase safety and driver involvement.The S-AWC ...

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    EVO X in motion

    The purveyors of camo'd cars over at KGP were smart enough to bring along a video camera when they got word that the new Evolution X was undergoing testing at "The Fastest Road in the West." The Streets of Willow Springs has served as the testing grounds for dozens of shoot outs in our favorite ...

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    Spy Shots: Mitsubishi EVO X

    Hot on the heels of Mr. Baines' video of the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X hitting the streets, one of the photogs under the employ of our favorite snapper, Brenda Priddy, was able to catch the new EVO during a rare stationary moment.As expected, there is little to distinguish this prototype from ...

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    Geneva Auto Show: Toyota Hybrid X concept is the uber-Prius

    Toyota brought forth the vision of its future hybrid lineup and its name is Hybrid X. The concept car is a styling exercise meant to simultaneously showcase Toyota's industry-leading hybrid drive technologies and preview the company's future styling direction for hybrid models. You've undoubtedly ...

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    DAMD again: Japanese tuner gives G35 the Aston treatment

    Imitation, they say, is the sincerest form of flattery. So then the Japanese must really love Aston Martins, because from Japanese tuning house DAMD (the same people who brought you this custom Mitsu Outlander) comes yet another Aston Martin look-alike. Like the 350Z roadster we brought you a ...


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