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    Report: Entry-level Jaguar X-Type successor due in 2015, crossover a year later

    Jaguar's future product plans keep on slipping, slipping, slipping onto the internet, and the latest on it's entry-level luxury challenger is a 2015 due date. According to Automobile magazine, "most significant game-changer from Coventry" will be arriving on the same PLA platform that supports ...

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    Rumormill: Jaguar X-Type successor speculated anew

    We expect the Jaguar X-Type to be making an appearance in an episode of AMC's Walking Dead, since the sedan that died two years ago simply will not, well, die. Or rather, its successor won't die. Autocar has a detailed report on the work being done to engineer a new entry-level Jaguar, and it is ...

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    More details on Jaguar's 3 Series fighter

    Word is bumping around the internets that Jaguar may be interested in dusting off a sub-XF model. Doing so would put the big cat into direct competition with the mighty BMW 3 Series – a feat Jaguar attempted once before with the ill-fated X-Type. But according to Adrian Hallmark, the ...

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    Rumormill: Jaguar working on aluminum X-Type successor

    Tata Motors chief executive Carl-Peter Forster has acknowledged that Jaguar needs a smaller, higher-volume vehicle and it appears that just such a car is already under development. Unlike the less-than-stellar X-Type which was based on the second-generation Ford Mondeo, the new car should actually ...

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    Jaguar drops X-Type from US lineup

    So anyway, that new 2009 Jaguar X-Type we showed you this morning -- the one currently being crucified in the comments? No need to worry: it's not coming here. On the same day it announced the updated version for the rest of the world, Jaguar has officially pulled the plug on the X-Type in the US. ...

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    Jaguar unveils new-look 2009 X-Type

    Click image for photo galleryJaguar has unveiled a freshened X-Type sedan and wagon for the '09. On sale in the UK in March and other European markets in April, the car boasts around 500 changes inside and out. The styling has been updated to better emulate the XJ sedan, adopting a similar grille ...

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    Spy Shots: Jaguar X-Type

    The Jaguar X-Type looked dated before the first sedan came off the line back in 2001, and the last generation Mondeo-based model hasn't aged gracefully from there. Sales bottomed out at 32,500 units worldwide last year, and rumors persist that the X-Type will soon be discontinued in the US – ...

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    The Jaguar X-Type is voted ... ahem ... "Best aspirational luxury car"

    The results are in from the latest automotive consulting firm you've never heard of. According to AutoPacific's Vehicle Survey Award, the Jaguar X-Type took top honors in the 2007 Aspirational Luxury Car segment. The survey asks 24,000 US new car buyers how they rank their car 60-90 days after ...

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    Autoblog Week in Photos: Week of June 11, 2007

    Yet another week passes, and if you haven't registered to win the $29,000 Dodge Nitro, you're too late. As a consolation prize, there was a ton of new information on Autoblog, including the introduction of the freshened Saab 9-3, the updated Jaguar XK, and Autoblog's review of the leviathan Ford ...

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    Jaguar releases warmed over X-type and XK range

    Jaguar scraped together a few bucks to make several less-than-noteworthy changes to the XK, XKR and the X-type, and since they took the trouble of putting together press releases, we felt obligated to pass along the information to you.The XK and its hotted-up big bro the XKR receive a revised rear ...

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    Jag considering axing the X

    The X-Type is Jaguar's best selling vehicle, but it is probably the least loved Jag of the bunch. As the people in charge try to figure out the way forward for Ford's ailing premium brand, getting rid of the X-Type could be part of the remedy. Mulally has told the public as well as Jaguar workers ...

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    Whiplash a serious problem with many vehicles, says IIHS

    The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) in Arlington, Va. has just concluded testing on some 75 vehicles' head restraint systems and after performing a simulated rear-end impact of 20 MPH, only 22 of the systems received the top score of "good."At the head of the class was Audi's A4, S4 ...

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    Jag fans begin petition to restart the F-Type project

    Back in 2000, Ford Motor Company was swimming in SUV cash and Jaguar looked poised for a big-time turnaround. Excitement for the brand grew when the Concept F-Type was shown at the 2000 North American International Auto Show. Executive Wolfgang Reitzle even gave the project the green light and ...

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    Jag's stillborn supercharged savior

    Autoweek wrote up a compelling exposé on an internal movement at Jaguar that might have boosted profits and added some sporting credentials to the troubled marque.The entire report is well worth the read, but the quick-and-dirty version involved slapping superchargers onto every model in the ...

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    Shaguar! Er... Jaguar designer honored

    Say what you will about the Jaguar X-Type wagon, shooting brake, you know it's a Jag when you see it. The same goes for the XJ, which was totally redesigned yet still retains its identity as an XJ and nothing else. In fact, the entire Jaguar line has a nice family look about it. The man responsible ...

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    Would a Jaguar SUV sell Gorgeous?

    BMW's X3 and X5. Lexus RX 350. Lincoln Navigator and upcoming MKX. Porsche Cayenne. All the luxury brands have a CUV or SUV with Audi the most recent manufacturer to join the high-priced club with the Q7. But what about poor Jaguar? While one could argue the X-Type sportswagon is a form of CUV, ...

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    Jaguar's next X-Type a "shooting brake"?

    Jaguar badly needs a successful replacement for the current lackluster X-Type model, but it can't quite make up its mind on a design direction for its entry-level luxury car. Automotive News reports that a front-running option may well be an all-wheel drive "shooting brake," or luxury ...

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    Ford to go Oldsmobile on Jaguar?

    Jaguar must “find a way to fund its own future or face the consequences."That’s what Ford Motor Co. Chairman and CEO Bill Ford, Jr. told journalists in Detroit about Ford's “Big Cat." And the consequences? While the article didn’t state if Ford, Jr. was asked that ...


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