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    Are you the next Nissan X-Trail?

    Patent filings have given us plenty of early glimpses at future cars recently, but generally speaking, we tend to know what we're looking at. What we're seeing here is obviously an upcoming Nissan utility vehicle based largely on the 2012 Hi-Cross Concept, but other than that, there's really no ...

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    Report: Nissan announces Russian expansion

    Nissan wants to be big in Russia. Right now, the brand brand lays claim to 5.9 percent of the Russian market, and the plan is to increase share to ten percent by 2016. That means moving nearly 500,000 vehicles a year, more than triple the 161,000 total units moved in 2011. Nissan plans to muscle ...

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    Official: Nissan rolls out Platinum edition X-Trail in the UK

    Nissan makes a whole mess of different crossovers, and not just the ones we get here in North America. Overseas, the Japanese automaker has even more, like the Qashqai, the Koleos (sold by sister-company Renault) and the vehicle you see here, the X-Trail. Not to be confused with the Xterra, the ...

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    Report: Renault Captur concept to spearhead family of CUVs

    Renault is planning a line of crossovers based on Nissan platforms and styled after the Captur concept that debuted at this year's Geneva Motor Show. According to Auto Express, the new family of soft-roaders will start with Nissan Juke-based Captur, slated to be the smallest in the lineup, and ...

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    Automotive X Prize: And the winners are... (spoiler alert)

    Automotive X-Prize vehicles line up in the Knockout Stage – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Ladies and gentlemen, it's time to meet the winners of the 2010 Progressive Insurance Automotive X-Prize. But before we get to declaring the victors, let's take one last look at the ...

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    Automotive X-Prize: Finalists announced, X-Tracer now last team standing in Tandem class

    Automotive X-Prize Knockout Stage – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Ladies and gentlemen, meet your finalists for the Automotive X-Prize: Mainstream Class Edison2, Very Light Car (team name, car name) Alternative Class – Tandem X-Tracer, E-Tracer Alternative ...

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    Nissan X-Trail gets modest refresh, new diesel

    2011 Nissan X-Trail 20GT – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Our neighbors to the north may recall the Nissan X-Trail a little better than the rest of us. The Japanese manufacturer recently stopped sale of the SUV in Canada, which a shame considering what's on offer for 2011. Next ...

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    Nissan's diesel Maxima may be manual only

    Click above for high-res gallery of the 2009 Nissan MaximaSales of Nissan's first clean diesel in America could be severely hampered before the car even gets a chance at life. According to Nissan, the diesel engine slated to power the Maxima could come equipped with a manual transmission as its ...

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    Aztek flashback: Nissan UK offering custom fit tent for SUVs

    While the Pontiac Aztek was a sales failure, it did have the ability to quickly turn into a camping appliance with a rear end that could be converted into a tent. Nissan must love the idea since it has developed a dome-shaped tent attachment for its UK utility vehicles. The tent attaches to the ...

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    Clean diesel heading to the JDM Nissan X-Trail

    Click image for gallery of the Nissan X-TrailNissan has announced that a clean diesel engine will be offered on its Japan-market X-Trail SUV. Based on the M9R engine co-developed with Renault (it's marketed as the 2.0dCi in the French automaker's vehicles), the Nissan version will use new catalysts ...

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    Nissan's X-Trail highlights hydrogen fuel cell development

    Nissan’s hydrogen fuel cell laboratory-on-wheels is the FCV X-Trail, and the vehicle’s latest iteration highlights the company’s 10-year-long commitment to the hail mary pass of automotive emissions technology. Nissan developed the fuel stack for the newest X-Trail inhouse. ...


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