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    Will protests in the Middle East cause the cancelation of additional races?

    Go back a few years and the prospect of political unrest in a host country was seldom a factor in determining where to hold a motor race. But that age of innocence appears to be behind us. We got our first taste of things to come when the world-famous Dakar rally was forced to cancel in 2008 and ...

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    BMW pulls out of World Touring Car Championship

    BMW 320si WTCC – Click above for high-res image gallery
    If you were disappointed with BMW's decision to leave Formula One at the end of last year, hold on to your hats as the Bavarian automaker is further scaling back its racing programs, announcing the discontinuation of its ...

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    Volvo announces foray into World Touring Car Championship after claiming Swedish title

    The past year didn't look too bright for the World Touring Car Championship. First BMW cut its program down from three works teams to one, then reports came in indicating that Seat – fresh from back-to-back titles – was scaling down its factory-backed team as well. But the latest ...

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    Video: Seat touring car flips into crowd at Brands Hatch over weekend

    That's not gonna buff out – Click above to watch video after the jump
    If you've ever found yourself as a spectator at a race track, it's easy to lull yourself into believing that you'll be as safe as can be just so long as you keep a crash barrier between your brittle bones and the ...

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    Chevy builds Cruze-engined Super Spark for WTCC duty

    Chevrolet Spark turbo – Click above to enlarge
    Chevrolet has built a special edition of its new Spark runabout for use as a pace car during World Touring Car Championship races this year. The Spark is powered by the new 1.4-liter turbocharged inline-four that will power the Cruze when it ...

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    Video: Chevrolet Cruze WTTC entry gets the time-lapse build treatment

    Chevrolet Cruze WTCC Build – Click above to watch the time-lapse video
    Ah, the World Touring Car Championship. Whereas we Americans are led to believe that 35 identical cars with different sticker packages, all running around in circles for 500 miles somehow constitutes "stock car" racing, ...

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    Report: SEAT withdraws from WTCC after back-to-back titles

    SEAT's WTCC Team claims victory at Macau – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Quit while you're ahead. Sounds like a good idea, right? But how often do you actually see it happen? Most of the time, winning individuals, teams and companies drag out their glory days until the bitter end ...

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    BMW continues curtailing racing programs

    BMW 320si WTCC, BMW-Sauber F1.07 and Formula BMW FB02 – Click above for high-res image gallery
    What would BMW be without racing? We could be about to find out if recent developments are any indication. The Bavarian automaker competed in F1, the World Touring Car Championship and various ...

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    SEAT dominates with second consecutive World Touring Car Championship

    SEAT World Touring Car Championship Team with the Leon TDI – Click above for high-res image gallery
    If you would have told us ten or twenty years ago that diesel would come to dominate motor racing, we probably would have laughed in your face. But since Audi charted new territory by ...

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    REPORT: World Touring Car Championship eyeing race in the U.S.

    Chevrolet Cruze WTCC - Click above image for high-res gallery
    Marcello Lotti, series promoter for the FIA World Touring Car Championship, told Autosport that he wants to bring the event to the United States in 2011. Inaugurated in 1987, the series was originally based in Europe. In 2009, the ...

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    VIDEO: Premature Ejaculation - When fire suppression systems attack

    WTCC BMW 320si - click above to watch the video
    var digg_url = ''; My my, this is embarrassing. During a full course yellow, Jonathan Adam is all set to get interviewed when KA-BLAMO! – the fire ...

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    VIDEO: When the Safety Car... isn't

    Safety car crash video: Click above to watch video after the jump
    The main job of a safety car in racing is to slow the pace of the race during a crash or help bring cars to a stop in the event that debris needs to be removed from the track. The safety car is usually provided by an OEM sponsor ...

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    Cruze Contol: New Chevy WTCC car takes first pole, double victories in Morocco

    Chevrolet Cruze at WTCC Marrakech – Click above for a high-res image gallery
    While a set of races in the World Touring Car Championship might not ordinarily be something we'd cover here at Autoblog – we doubt you'll mind the spoiler – this weekend's rounds in Marrakech, Morocco, ...

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    Chevy Cruze WTCC livery gets official Italian reveal

    Click above for high-res image gallery of the Chevy Cruze WTCC
    Chevy used the Bologna Motor Show this week to debut its new livery for its also new Chevy Cruze WTCC racer. The Chevy Cruze will replace the Lacetti both on the street and the track, where the Lacetti managed to rack up 14 wins in the ...

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    GM unveils Chevrolet Cruze WTCC racer

    Click above for a high-res gallery of the 2009 Chevrolet Cruze WTCC
    For the past few years General Motors has been competing in the World Touring Car Championship (WTCC) with a car based on the Daewoo-built Chevrolet Lacetti. Top Gear fans will of course recognize the Lacetti as the current ...

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    Motor racing returns to Morocco after 50 years

    Imagine all the exotic locals where international motor racing has taken place over the course of modern history and Morocco might not show up on your radar. But back in the era of Casablanca, the North African country, just across the Straight of Gibraltar from Europe, hosted the Moroccan Grand ...

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    Diesel claims another category: BMW building a diesel engine for the WTCC

    In only its second WTCC race, the diesel-engined Seat Leon TDI came in first -- in front of its gas-powered Leon sibling. The diesel car only entered the series in July, yet it won three races and the driver was in championship contention up until the final race. BMW didn't need any more impetus ...

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    It worked for Audi... SEAT entering first diesel in WTCC

    SEAT, being under the VAG corporate umbrella, certainly knows what's been going on with Audi's racing diesels. Perhaps the division looks up to its Ingolstadt cousins with admiration, and it's hoping that imitation yields the same type of success. SEAT will be the first manufacturer to field a ...

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    World Touring Car Championship set to kick off in Brazil

    The calendar is already showing March and the weather is hinting at spring, so the racing season must be about to explode. NASCAR is already underway, F1 will kick off this weekend in Australia, and ALMS at Sebring the week after. Series like Speed GT and Touring Car, however, will really have the ...

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    VIDEO: Chevy WTCC Ultra concept at Estoril

    Some concept cars are purely for show, but some are built to go. GM Europe took the latter a step further by putting their striking and exciting Chevrolet WTCC Ultra concept to the test on the track. The concept race car made its debut at the Paris Motor Show and is scheduled to make an ...


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