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    Auctions: Is a wrecked Bugatti worth $250k?

    When a Bugatti Veyron crashed on a highway in Austria a few months ago, insurance company AXA estimated the cost of repairs at upwards of $800,000. Of course, there were worries that even after all the repairs the car may never drive quite the same. So rather than try, the insurance company ...

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    Crushed Ferrari makes for world's most tragic coffee table

    This post isn't for the weak of stomach or faint of heart. The sad truth of being an automotive enthusiast is that we're all hoarders on some level. We yearn to collect various bits of paraphernalia plucked from our favorite race teams and derelict junkyard hulks. Now Charly Molinelli Design has ...

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    eBay Find of the Day: Damaged ZR1 on the cheap

    Mildly mutilated Corvette ZR1 on eBay - Click above for an image gallery
    We figured it was just a matter of time before a cracked-up Corvette ZR1 found its way onto eBay, and thanks to (we're assuming) a ham-fisted driver hailing from Fort Worth, Texas, a slightly marred example of Chevy's hottest ...

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    Hyundai Genesi go flying off transport truck in South Korea

    Hyundai expects the 2009 Genesis Sedan to fly off the showroom floor. However, few were probably amused when a pair of the brand-new Korean sedans took a leap from a transporter. We don't know many details other than the incident occurred somewhere in South Korea. Of course, we don't consider this ...

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    Used Integra, CHEAP!

    Normally, the phrase "only rolled once" isn't considered a positive attribute in a used car ad. For the sellers of this distressed 1999 Acura Integra, however, it's a defining characteristic. The high points (now low, due to the vehicle's inverted status) are that the parts should be in fine shape ...

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    No! No! No! NO! Another GT-R gets wrecked

    Why, dear God? Why do bad things happen to good cars? We have no idea what circumstances were at play when this gleaming new grey Nissan GT-R got a sizeable love tap in the right front quarter panel. We're willing to give the owner the benefit of the doubt and assume that someone backed into the ...

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    WSJ examines why supercars are dropping like flies on public roads

    It's a well-known fact that just because you can afford a supercar, it doesn't mean you can handle it. As the purchase of exotics has increased, the number of customers cracking up their hyper-expensive rides has risen accordingly, and the Wall Street Journal decided to take a look into the facts, ...

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    Fixer Upper: Maybach 62 for only $159,000

    What's worse? Wrecking an Enzo, of which we have documented several in the last few months, or a Maybach 62? Most certainly the Enzo, but either incident is guaranteed to put a serious ding in your savings account and garner mixed reactions from your insurance agent. Check out the price for this ...


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