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    Volkswagen brings GTI Cabriolet to join Golf R Cabrio at Wörthersee [w/poll]

    There's no doubt about it. Summer is here, and Volkswagen has gone crazy with open-air motoring. The German auto giant rolled in to its 30th-annual hot-hatch festival at Lake Wörthersee in Austria with the Skoda Fabia RS 2000 roadster. Then it dropped the top on a Golf R Cabriolet concept. ...

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    Official: Volkswagen drops Golf R Cabriolet concept at Wörthersee

    The annual Volkswagen hot-hatch gathering at Lake Wörthersee has been packed so far with enticing show cars. Audi came with a 500hp A1 concept, and Skoda rolled in with a radical rally roadster. But you didn't think the VW brand itself would let its sister companies have all the fun, now ...

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    Official: Skoda unveils dramatic Fabia RS 2000 roadster concept at Wörthersee

    The Volkswagen Group's annual GTI-Treffen festival on the shores of Lake Wörthersee in Austria may be named for VW's iconic tuned Golf, but by now – in its 30th rendition – it's turned into a multi-marque celebration of the hot hatch. Case in point: the A1 Clubsport Quattro ...

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    Official: Audi unveils 500hp A1 Clubsport Quattro show car at Wörthersee

    Audi and all-wheel drive go together like mothers and apple pie. The German automaker has cultivated its Quattro systems as emblematic of its raison d'etre, incorporating it into its rapidly expanding range... with one exception: the A1. But that's about to change. After launching the ...

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    Škoda Fabia RS to debut at Wörthersee 2010

    It's no secret that we're fans of the Škoda Fabia S2000 rally car. The good news for us Europeans is that VW's Czech brand has decided to integrate some of that racing DNA (at least appearance-wise) into a Fabia RS model scheduled to debut at Wörthersee 2010. This is Škoda's ...

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    Seeing Red: VW unveils GTI and Polo Wörthersee '09 concepts

    Click above for a hi-res gallery of the VW GTI Wörthersee '09 concept
    Audi's not alone in bringing a customized production ride to the 2009 Wörthersee meet. Volkswagon's one-upping the interlocking rings by bringing two production-based concept cars: special Wörthersee '09 versions ...

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    Wörthersee 2009: 408-hp Audi Q5 Custom Concept

    Audi Q5 Custom Concept - click above for a high-res gallery
    Every year, Europe's Volkswagen and Audi faithful head to Austria and descend upon the Wörthersee for the annual GTI Meet, a huge annual gathering of the brands' aficionados. Over the past few years, the Wörthersee Tour has been ...

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    Wrthersee 2008: VW Golf GTI Performance study on display

    Click above for high-res gallery of the VW Golf GTI PerformanceVW hasn't released any info on the car you see here, which is called the Golf GTI Performance design study, so we'll call it like we see it. A black-and-copper checkered flag motif adorns the hatch, which is enhanced with a widebody ...

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    Volkswagen unveils Passat R36 Variant Styling Study at Worthersee

    Click above for high-res gallery of the VW R36 Variant ConceptThe Volkswagen and Audi crew are blowing up this year's Worthersee GTI meet in Worther Lake, Austria, first with the introduction of the A3 TDI clubsport quattro concept and damn-near production version of the TT clubsport quattro, and ...

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    Volkswagen Scirocco GT24 debuts at Wrthersee

    Click above for high-res gallery of the VW Scirocco GT24If you've ever lingered behind after a professional sports event, you've probably seen some of the athletes graciously staying behind to shake hands and sign autographs while others make a B-line through the fans to the locker room. If the ...

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    Officially Official (almost): Audi TT clubsport quattro

    Click above for a high-res gallery of the TT clubsport quattroLast year at the Wörthersee tour, VW and Audi threw red meat to the fans in the form of the Audi TT Clubsport quattro concept and the VW Golf GTI W12 650. Each was awesome in its own way, and now VW/Audi has set a precedent. For the ...

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    All Hail Wolfsburg! VW GTI W12-650 struts its stuff for Autocar

    Click image for photo galleryThe fabulous VW GTI W12-650 show car that was built in just 8 weeks for the 2007 Wörthersee meet is no show pony. We knew that it was a legit runner, as was seen in a video we posted of the car rehearsing its entrance on a grandiose stage setup. What we didn't know ...

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    It runs. It moves. The VW GTI W12 650 in motion

    Click image for high-res galleryNow, don't get too excited. This isn't some VW-produced promo video depicting the twin-turbocharged GTI W12 650 show car pushing ludicrous speeds on the Nürburgring or anything. In fact, it's quite the opposite. Here, we see it doing a run-through for a show ...

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    VIDEO: Autoblog Podcast #67 (enhanced)

    Autoblog Podcast #67 Jaguar Shifter, CTS-VThe enhanced version of Autoblog Podcast #67 is now ready for download or streaming on YouTube. In part one, we talk about the Autoblog redesign and the Dodge Nitro Giveaway. In part two we hit the ground running, with information on Jaguar's funky-cool new ...

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    Autoblog Podcast #67

    We've finally poked our respective heads out of our interweb caves and unleashed episode 67 of the Autoblog podcast upon the world. We've been pretty nutty lately with our new, improved site design and our groundbreaking car giveaway, so please forgive our delay at getting back to this. Our first ...

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    Wrthersee 2007: VW Golf GTI Pirelli unveiled

    Click image for a high-res gallery of the new Golf GTI PirelliWith all the excitement surrounding Volkswagen's and Audi's Wörthersee debuts of the GTI W12 650 and Audi TT clubsport concepts, it's probably worth pointing out that VW actually pulled the wraps off a car that people (European ...


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