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worlds fastest lawnmower

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    Video: Honda, Top Gear working on 130-mph lawn mower

    We're not even sure they've got a blade of Kentucky Bluegrass to cut, but the folks at Top Gear have gone ahead and started building what will become, if they're successful, the world's fastest lawn mower. Actually, it appears Top Gear is not doing much of the design and assembly work at all, ...

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    Bobby Cleveland brings Fastest Lawnmower crown back to USA [w/video]

    World's Fastest Lawnmower – Click above to watch video after the jump
    One minute, you're the king of going fast on a lawnmower. The next, you're number two behind a man from the UK. That's what happened to Bobby Cleveland, but he didn't sit idly by on his grass clippings – he went out ...

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    Followup: World's Fastest Lawnmower newly crowned [w/video]

    Project Runningblade – Click above for high-res image gallery. Watch video after the jump
    Hold on to your grass clippings, folks... there's a new World's Fastest Lawnmower. You may recall the story we recently published about Don Wales of the UK, whose Project Runningblade seemed destined ...


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