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    Discovery's HD Theater outlines the start of WRC coverage for 2010

    2010 Monster World Rally Team Ford Fiesta – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Assuming for a moment that you won't be watching any stages live, what could possibly be better than strapping into the living room recliner and watching World Rally Championship coverage here in the United ...

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    Video: Ken Block and new Ford Fiesta rally car meet - it's love at first drift

    2010 Monster World Rally Team Ford Fiesta – Click above for high-res image gallery
    We know, it's going to be weird watching Ken Block rally in a Ford Fiesta. We're so used to watching him ply his craft in a Subaru Impreza WRX STI. Gymkhana and Subaru became synonymous thanks to Ken. After ...

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    REPORT: Mini CUV could come to WRC

    Mini Countryman concept – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Mini's history doesn't just include producing attractive, efficient city cars -- it's done some damage in the rally circuit. But while BMW's 2001 reincarnation of the storied British brand has been a success on the sales ...

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    Umlautfest: Kimi Räikkönen signs with Citroën Red Bull rally team

    Kimi Räikkönen is now a WRC driver. The Flying Finn will pilot one of two Citroën CR4 Junior Team cars with Kaj Lindström as his co-driver. It's been in the works for a while, and from the sounds of it, no one appears to have any doubts that Raikkonen will do well there. Team ...

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    Prodrive reportedly working on phantom Mini crossover rally car

    Mini Crossover Concept – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Rumors have been circulating for months that Mini is preparing an upcoming assault on the World Rally Championship. But since they surfaced, little else has been said. The apparent reason for that delay, as emerging reports ...

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    SPOILER ALERT: 2009 World Rally Championship decided at Rally Great Britain

    2009 Rally Great Britain – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Everyone has their own idea of what constitutes an exciting season in motorsport. For some, it's witnessing the dominant driver shatter records while sailing to one victory after another. For others, it's the ...

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    REPORT: Ken Block heading to WRC with new Monster Ford team

    One of the most significant deals in rally history. That's how news of Ken Block's imminent move to the World Rally Championship is being touted in the motorsport press. And we couldn't agree more. Now don't get us wrong. We enjoy watching Block's famous antics behind the wheel of his ...

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    Citroen's 2011 DS3 rally fighter revealed in spy shots

    Citroen DS3 WRC test mule – Click above for image gallery
    With all the regulatory changes in Formula One over the past couple, the rally world is arguably in the midst of an even greater state of flux. Manufacturers are dropping out of the World Rally Championship en masse, the rival ...

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    HD Theater to begin screening WRC in October 4 [w/VIDEO]

    Ford Focus WRC - click for high-res image gallery
    "Gentlemen, start your DVRs!" Anyone that has ever watched a major league rally event knows that this form of motorsports is perhaps the most engaging form of four-wheeled competition in the world. Nothing compares to standing in a forest and ...

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    Sebastien Loeb's people in touch with USF1

    New-for-2010 Formula One World Championship entrant USF1 has stated several times its commitment to finding American drivers. That was, at least, until representatives for five-time World Rally Championship-winning driver and Frenchman Sebastien Loeb called to make some inquiries. At the moment ...

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    Rumormill: Mini could be headed for WRC by adapting new crossover model

    MINI Crossover concept - Click above for hi-res image gallery
    The original Mini Cooper earned its performance credentials back in the 1960s being flung about on the Monte Carlo rally. Paddy Hopkirk won the Monte in 1964 at the wheel of a Cooper S. While modern Minis are still considered fun to ...

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    Rumormill: Raikkonen to leave Ferrari for new Fiat rally team, VW to follow?

    Raikkonen drives Rally Finland in a Fiat Punto Abarth
    The World Rally Championship is targeting the participation of four major manufacturers within the next two seasons, and according to the latest scuttlebutt, they just might get what they are wishing for. At the turn of the millennium, the ...

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    Discovery Channel's HD Theater bringing WRC coverage back to U.S.

    For World Rally Championship fans living in the U.S., it's been tough to keep up on the action, as domestic television coverage has been virtually nonexistent for some time now. That's about to change, however, as the series has inked a deal with Discovery Communications' HD Theater, a channel with ...

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    DiRT 2 will honor Colin McRae in-game

    Former WRC driver Colin McRae died just before the game bearing his brand, DiRT, was released. That game didn't get a chance to honor the 1995 WRC champion, but the game's sequel, DiRT 2, will make up for that. In addition to a host of off-road events that you can run in a variety of off-road ...

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    Mitsubishi Evo X Group N rally car by MML Sports

    MML Sports Mitsubishi Evolution X Group N - Click above for an image gallery
    Automakers are cutting motorsports spending to weather the economic downturn, leaving privateers and independent teams to take the reigns at the upper echelon of racing. UK-based MML Sports is one such shop that's ready ...

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    WRC confirms series to go normally aspirated?

    The heavily modified S2000 car that will form the base package for some of the cars in the 2010 World Rally Championship will be stripped of at least one major modification the following year. According to Autosport, the World Motorsports Council has agreed to a new regulation that turbochargers ...

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    Prodrive selling very first Subaru WRC car from 1997

    Click above for a high-res gallery of Prodrive's first Impreza WRC car
    Prodrive helped make its name – and a whole lot of World Rally Championship fans – with its race prepped, royal blue Subaru Impreza race cars. Now the very first one of them, piloted by no less than the power duo of ...

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    Officially official: Subaru leaving World Rally Championship

    Click above to view Subaru's 2008 WRC car in our high-resolution image gallery Rally fans who were troubled by the rumors yesterday that Subaru was preparing to do the unthinkable and scrap its WRC team will be disappointed to learn that the speculation has proven to be true, as parent company Fuji ...

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    Rumormill: Subaru pulling out of WRC tomorrow

    Even more bad news (motor)sports fans. According to a report by Finnish sports site, Subaru will follow in the footsteps of Suzuki and pull out of the 2009 World Rally Championship (WRC) season. While Suzuki's declaration was a surprise, Subaru's exit from the world of rallying would be a ...

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    Suzuki suspends WRC program

    Another one bites the dust. Today was the deadline for manufacturers to announce their intentions to race in the FIA World Rally Championship for 2009, and Suzuki saw fit to let its entry expire after just a single year of competition. The Japanese automaker calls the move a countermeasure to "the ...


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