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    World Cup Fever: A1GP to make a comeback?

    Until its demise, A1GP had an intriguing, original formula. (At least once it took its place as a feeder series and not a competitor to Formula One). The idea, for those unfamiliar, was to pit teams representing their home countries against each other in identical F1-style single-seaters on ...

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    Followup: Dodge FIFA World Cup ad forgets where the Challenger is built

    Three horsemen of the Revolutionary War – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Is there anything more American than taking someone else's hard work and claiming it for our own? Probably not. Maybe it's some sort of collective synaptic impulses left over from our former masters in the ...

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    Video: Soccer Hooligans Beware - It's the World Cup crash test

    World Cup crash test – Click above to watch video after the jump
    Unless you've spent any time overseas during a World Cup celebration, you really can't comprehend how crazy fans go for their respective teams. With the event only coming around once every four years, everyone has plenty of ...

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    Zetsche betting on World Cup, adding bigger Benz incentives if Germany wins tourney

    The 19th World Cup is set to kick off later this week, and Mercedes-Benz is throwing its weight behind the company's home team in the global competition. Silver Arrow head honcho Dieter Zetsche has just rolled out a wave of incentives in Germany to promote both the brand's association with the ...

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    Funny Car Commercial of the Day: Free kick edition

    Goooooooaaaaallll! – Click above to watch the video after the break
    Football fans – or, if you happen to live in the United States... soccer fans – are well aware that 2010 is the year of the FIFA World Cup. The international competition has been run every four year since 1930, ...

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    Passing in the Corner: F1 and Soccer cross paths

    As two of the world's most popular and action-packed sports, F1 racing and soccer ("football" to just about everyone outside North America) share more in common than you'd think. This past season, the F1 race calendar was adjusted to avoid conflicting with the World Cup. No wonder, as grands prix ...

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    Toyota plant workers in England wish their boys luck in the World Cup

    You can almost see it from Germany! Workers in Toyota's Burnaston plant in Derbyshire, England, put together this little flag to wish the English team luck in the World Cup. It evidently took 12 hours and 40 hardworking soccer fans to get 400 Yarises into position. The 130' x ...

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    Chicago Fire to play at Toyota Park

    In the midst of the fervor over the World Cup, Toyota has high hopes for soccer in Chicagoland, where it has bought the naming rights for the Chicago Fire's home stadium for the next 10 years. Toyota Park, as the $95 million stadium is to be called, will help Toyota and its dealers in Chicago gain ...

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    European car market takes a dip with the commencement of the World Cup

    Those crazy Europeans and their love of socc... er, we mean football... Auto manufacturers are bracing for impact upon the start of the World Cup, which promises to divert the attention of many a potential car buyer to the telly, where England reportedly has a brilliant chance of grabbing the ...

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    Fever(ed) Pitch: World Cup mania casts spell on motorists

    World Cup hooliganism is a well-documented phenomenon. From crazed fans cheering for their teams in new and inordinate ways, to local pub punch-ups, soccer football mania is a way of life for millions around the globe. As it happens, back in England, word is that the mania extends to driving ...


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