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    Rendered Speculation: next Murcielago will be (*gulp*) longer and wider

    According to a new report in Auto Express, there are a lot of changes planned for the next Lamborghini Murcielago. Among them all, the one that claimed most of our attention was that the next boss bull will "be wider and longer." The length isn't such a big deal, but the current LP640 already ...

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    VanTastic: 2009 Ford E-Series upgrades

    Just as Ford's F150 has been the best-selling vehicle in the United States for decades, their E-Series (née Econoline) vans have also been sales champs since before the dawn of the 1980s. A strong presence in the trades delivers forty percent of the full-size van market to the E-Series. ...

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    Welcome to Indiana, home of the $1,000 speeding ticket. And that's just the beginning...

    States have come up with some neat little quips to get people to slow down for work zones on freeways. "Slow for the cone zone" comes to mind. The Hoosier State has shunned the soft sell and gone straight for the I-double-dog-dare-you-to-speed-here school of prevention by serving up a $1,000 ...

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    Paradise: Ferrari named Best Place to Work

    We must confess that, from time to time, many of us drift into daydreams and wonder what it must be like to work for Ferrari. But surely the reality can't be all that good, right? No, no ... it is. This according to the Great Place to Work Institute, which named the company Best Place to Work in ...

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    Land Rover means business: launching commercial version of LR3

    Click to enlargeThis is only for the UK, which is kind of a shame. Some of us Autobloggers live in frozen regions where cargo vans fear to tread. Of course, we could pony up for a Quigley, but a Landie offers its stellar air suspension, storied capabilities, and more comfort. For commercial users, ...


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