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woodward 2010

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    Video: Homebuilt Steaurus 2000 is a Blue Oval the likes of which we've never seen

    The Steaurus 2000 – Click above to watch video after the jump
    Just a few of the specs: eight batteries, one toaster, one microwave, one DVD player, one VCR, five exterior cameras and a "secondary auxiliary defroster." Oh, and one really, really funky hat, under which exists one heck of a ...

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    We obsessively covered the Woodward Dream Cruise

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    2010 Woodward: Ford display takes over 9 Mile and Woodward

    Woodward 2010 – Click above for the high-res image gallery
    Ford always comes strong at the Woodward Dream Cruise, and this year the corner of 9 Mile and Woodward is a packed as ever. And of the dozens and dozens of vehicles on display, most every model was of the Mustang variety. Ford ...

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    2010 Woodward Dream Cruise: Livestream!

    2010 Woodward Dream Cruise Livestream – Click above to watch Livestream after the jump
    Check it out! We've got the 2010 Woodward Dream Cruise on Livestream after the jump. We're shooting a portion of Woodward Ave. right before a stop light, so the cars will slow down and give you a great ...


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