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woodward 2008

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    Woodward 2008: Monday morning recap

    If you're the type who disappears on the weekend only to spend your first hour of work on Monday morning going through all the posts you missed on Autoblog, well, then you missed a lot this past weekend. In addition to our extensive coverage of the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance and all the ...

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    Woodward 2008: And the award for hydraulics overload goes to...

    click for some high-res picsIn the category for best misuse of hydraulics, this car definitely takes the trophy. There were a couple of honorable mentions but nothing quite as extreme as this example. The S10 with the 30-degree starboard list might have been in the running had it demonstrated the ...

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    Woodward 2008: The Weird, Wild and Wonderful

    Click above for high-res gallery of the oddities on Woodward Ave.Honestly, we have no idea what you're looking at above. In fact, we couldn't tell you much about many of the vehicles in this gallery because they defy classification. A low-rider semi? A V8 Isetta? Widebody GTO? Seriously? We can't ...

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    Woodward 2008: Hankering for Hot Rods?

    Click above for a gallery of Hot Rods on WoodwardCruising amongst the various cars down Woodward this weekend were quite a few machines that fit into the Hot Rod genre. Starting with a classic old-school vehicle platform, adding power and lowering it to the ground, the Hot Rod ethos still manages ...

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    Woodward 2008: Flexing the American muscle

    Click above for more high-res images of muscle cars on Woodward It's with fond memories that we look back on the age of the muscle car, their big-inch V8 engines belching power and burning tires long before it was politically incorrect to do so. Starting with humble mid-size coupe origins, the ...

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    Woodward 2008: Advance Automotive's Heldo

    Click the image above for the Advance Automotive's Heldo high res galleryWe've seen everything from Challengers and Camaros to Vespas and Vipers today, but there was only one Heldo. Advanced Automotives' Heldo is a steel tube space frame concept with composite bodywork and a 350-horsepower 32V ...

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    Woodward 2008: Cruising on two wheels

    Click above for high-res gallery of motorcycles cruising WoodwardSure, the vast majority of vehicles cruising down Woodward Ave. this weekend are of the four-wheeled variety, but motorcycles were well represented as well. In between all the exotics, classics and modern muscle, we dodged (and ...

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    Woodward 2008: A license (plate) to thrill

    Click above for high-res gallery of vanity plates seen on Woodward Ave.After spending all that money restoring, customizing or just outright buying your ride for the Woodward Dream Cruise, you can't just screw on a license plate that says XBC 1764. No, you have to get a vanity plate that expresses ...

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    Woodward 2008: Modern and Exotics

    Click above for a high-res sampling of moderns and exoticsThe Woodward Dream Cruise isn't all about vintage Detroit iron. Throughout the day you'll see a number of modern machines and expensive exotics wizzing by. The most prolific auto of all today, in fact, was the modern day Mustang (also see ...

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    Woodward 2008: Watch your step, you might squash someone!

    One of the cooler aspects of the Woodward Dream Cruise is that its completely open and unmoderated. It's the ultimate "run what you brung" event. Hundreds of thousands of people sit along the edge of the road and watch everything from bikes to trucks go by and the juxtaposition can be ...

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    Woodward 2008: It's not a concours original, MINI VTEC

    Click on the MINI V-TEC for a high res galleryWhile some of the machines trolling along Woodward Ave. today could easily compete in a Concours event, there are there plenty of others that would be shunned from such places. These machines that have been fixed up and heavily modified from their ...

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    Woodward 2008: Chrysler Booth Tour at 13 Mile

    Click above for high-res gallery of Chrysler's booth on Woodward Ave.The Chrysler booth at the Woodward Dream Cruise is all about two things: muscle cars and Mopar. The Pentastar filled up the massive mall parking lot at 13 mile and Woodward with dozens of classic rides from the '60s, '70s, and ...

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    Woodward 2008: Ford Booth Tour at 9 Mile

    Click above for high-res gallery of Ford's booth on Woodward Ave.Ford's display for the Woodward Dream Cruise used to be located at 15 Mile, but this year the Blue Oval picked up and moved all the way down to 9 Mile in Ferndale. And when we say 9 Mile, we mean the whole street. Ford's display is ...

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    Woodward 2008: Cruising Woodward in the Gibbs Aquada

    Click above for high-res gallery of the Gibbs Aquada on WoodwardAs we made our along Woodward Avenue this morning we spotted what may be the ultimate "Cruiser" on the road today. Trolling along right in front of a golden Lamborghini Murcielago was a Gibbs Aquada. For those who haven't been paying ...

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    Woodward 2008: General Motors Booth Tour Athens Coney Island

    Click above for high-res gallery of GM's display on Woodward Ave.For the past several years General Motors has been using the Athens Coney Island Restaurant on Woodward Ave. as a base of operations for the Dream Cruise. The parking lot this year is again filled with classic, wannabe classic, and ...

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    2008 Woodward Dream Cruise: Autoblog has arrived

    The 2008 Woodward Dream Cruise takes place tomorrow, and for those unaware, it's one of the largest single day auto events in the world and attendance should be on your list of things to do before you die. The famed Woodward Ave. will swell under the weight of thousands of classics, exotics, ...

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    The Dogsled pedal-powered quad debuts at Woodward

    Click above for high-res gallery of The DogsledWe don't actually get a vote on the show America's Got Talent, but if we did we'd award the win right now to the designers and builders of The Dogsled, which makes its initial debut this weekend in Detroit for the Woodward Dream Cruise. Although its ...


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