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wooden supercar

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    Splinter Update: Students making progress on wooden supercar

    Click above for new high-res renderings of the Splinter Wooden Supercar
    The world's greenest supercar project is progressing nicely. The last time we checked in with Joe Harmon and his team of woodsmen craftsmen from North Carolina State University, the all-wooden car's hand-laid bodywork had ...

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    Splinter wooden supercar in the fles... wood

    Click above for high-res gallery of the Splinter Wooden SupercarYou may remember our post on the Splinter wooden supercar late last year. At the time, the grad students behind the project being led by Joe Harmon only had renderings of what the Gaia-approved exotic would look like. They deserve ...

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    Grad students create Splinter, the wooden supercar

    click above image for more renderings of the Splinter supercarWe're not sure what sort of beneficial impact one would get from making a supercar out of wood composites, but if there is one, the students behind the Splinter supercar will find out. The Splinter will be a 600-hp, 2,500-pound goer with ...

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    Japanese furniture company creates "wooden supercar"

    click image for photo galleryWhile it's certainly true that the cost of raw materials like steel and aluminum is going up, we hope automakers never follow the lead of this Japanese furniture company and start building cars out of wood. Liberally billed as a "wooden supercar", the organic auto is ...


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