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7100 designers give their interpretation of the wooden toy car

Automoblox, the little and terrifically simple wooden cars, are part of Autoblog's holiday giveaway every single year. And every single year, tons of people try to win them. So even though scale-model cars are as detailed as the real thing, R/C cars can go faster than and do things that real cars can't, and real cars have previously unthinkable amounts of power and tricks that toy cars still haven't even imagined, folks continue to queue up for an artfully carved chunk of wood.

34Splinter Update: Students making progress on wooden supercar

Click above for new high-res renderings of the Splinter Wooden Supercar

AddeBay find of the Day: one-off 1959 Wooden Ariel Custom

Click above for more shots of the custom Ariel-powered wooden car

6eBay Find of the Day: 1952 Ariel Square Four wooden racer

Click above for more shots of the custom Ariel-powered wooden car

AddSplinter supercar gets its wooden debut

Click above for high-res gallery of the Splinter Wooden Supercar

AddAnother car that is made from biomass ... wood

This is the second vehicle that we've shown you which is made almost entirely of biomass. The first one was undoubtedly cool and used hemp materials for the bodywork. That car ran on ethanol and would be a first class ride for the right person, and it was capable of 150 miles per hour. This one, on the other hand, is made entirely of wood. The source article does not mention if it was nailed, screwed of glued together... maybe all three. I would not recommend such high speeds in it, which is alr

12Civic owner goes out on a limb with hickory Honda

They're just coming out of the woodwork now. Just the other day we nailed it with the log-wheeled Skoda, and now comes news of a faux-wood Civic. Don't the owners know that fake anything goes against the grain of what the Civic is all about? Sure it's good to see the import crowd branching out, but really, woodgrain contact paper? They didn't even bother to carve around the car's logos.

AddTrees are green, right? Then this must be the greenest car on the road!

I'm not really sure what to say about this car. I guess I'll start by admitting that this is not really a "green" car, I am posting about it anyway, because I thought you might like it. I am not sure if this car is really wood under the wooden "scales" that adorn the outer skin, and I can't understand the owner in the video either. But, if the car were made mostly of wood, then this would be sustainable, right? Just kidding!

29Pining for a new Cadillac roadster?

Wooden it be nice to spruce up your driveway with a(n) teak roadster? All right, we'll stop.

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