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    Official: Vilner adds wood paneling to Land Rover Defender

    Bulgarian tuner Vilner has some kind of Luxo-Ray that fires munitions packed with at least two tons of quilted leather and Alcantara, then aims it at just about everything as soon as it can be reloaded. The latest target is the Land Rover Defender Wood, making this the second time in a year that ...

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    Video: Translogic drives wood-burning Mercury Beaver XR-7

    You read the title right, we're talking about the Mercury Beaver XR-7. No, Mercury never officially built a car called the beaver. This is the brainchild of upstate New Yorker Chip Beam, who owns and operates Beaver Energy, LLC. It runs on gases created by wood pellets fermented in a 2,400-degree ...

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    Wood-bladed Audi R8 makes us laugh, cry

    The Audi R8's won a lot of admiration for its avant-garde styling, and those side blades are perhaps the supercar's most interesting styling feature. One owner, however, evidently wasn't satisfied with the carbon-fiber or aluminum finish, so he came up with a different approach that's ...

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    Japanese furniture company creates "wooden supercar"

    click image for photo galleryWhile it's certainly true that the cost of raw materials like steel and aluminum is going up, we hope automakers never follow the lead of this Japanese furniture company and start building cars out of wood. Liberally billed as a "wooden supercar", the organic auto is ...

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    Pining for a new Cadillac roadster?

    Wooden it be nice to spruce up your driveway with a(n) teak roadster? All right, we'll stop. Jerry Nickel's wooden-bodied car isn't going to be unveiled at the New York Auto Show this week because it's been gathering dust in a trailer for some time. It's powered by two Cadillac V8 engines, one ...


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