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    Sheila Driving Shoe makes high-heel and toeing a reality

    var digg_url = ''; As a male, I can't begin to imagine the many hardships that go along with being a woman. Under-wire bras, various forms of painful hair removal, and uncomfortable shoes are just a few of the things many ...

  • 0 aims to enhance communication between women, auto dealers

    It's not a new topic in the automotive industry -- women influence and even directly account for around 80 percent of automotive buying decisions, yet dealers still reportedly look over the woman's shoulders for a husband or father. Despite the industry's best efforts to recruit women salespeople ...

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    Kia study shows keeping quiet good for travel

    Well, here's an issue where people may want to seriously keep their mouth shut. According to a study by Kia Motor UK, 53 percent of drivers think they're the better half-in driving, that is, compared to their significant other (SO). Worse, nearly 20 percent would consider dumping or serving divorce ...

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    Battle of the sexes a wash when it comes to car care

    A recent nation-wide survey by Jiffy Lube casts strong doubt upon the age-old image that men know more about cars than women. When asked, for example, where to find a tire's air-pressure, two-thirds of the men answered incorrectly as opposed to 45-percent of women. The percentages were the same ...

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    Mercury Milan: Not young mom friendly?

    Writer Kristin Varela provides a unique review of the Mercury Milan, the middle triplet of Ford’s Fusion/Milan/Zephyr mid-size offerings. She takes a decidedly different tack than most reviews of this model. Instead of discussing how the Milan is based on the Mazda6 chassis or how the engine ...

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    Seatbelt designed with the ladies in mind

    Women with ample chests often find typical over-the-shoulder three-point safety belts (a.k.a. “seatbelts”) rather uncomfortable. Think about it – there’s a wide nylon strap stretched across your breasts that gets tighter and tighter with every tap of the brakes. It’s ...


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