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wolfgang bernhard

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    Report: Zetsche not keen to hand over Mercedes-Benz to Bernhard just yet

    Reuters reports that Daimler CEO Dieter Zetsche (pictured) isn't quite ready to hand over the keys to the Mercedes-Benz kingdom. Zetsche currently serves as the head of both Daimler and Mercedes-Benz, and investors had hoped that the CEO would begin grooming his second in command, Wolfgang ...

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    Report: Daimler denies Zetsche will be replaced by Bernhard soon

    There's no question that Wolfgang Bernhard is well liked by the boys at Daimler. In fact, rumor has it that he's currently being groomed (for the second time, actually) to take the reins at Daimler's Mercedes-Benz automotive unit. If you believe the rumors, the only real question is when Bernhard ...

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    Musikalische Stühlen: Mercedes shifts AMG boss to van division, Tuscaloosa manager to AMG

    Mercedes-Benz is shifting some of their management, resulting in an intriguing game of musical chairs. The principal appointment has Volker Mornhinweg (pictured above left) leaving his position as head of the AMG performance arm to take control of Mercedes-Benz' van division. While seemingly a ...

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    Autoblog Podcast #165 - Nunez jumps in

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    It's not often that veteran 'caster Alex Nunez makes an appearance, but he joins Chris, Sam, and Dan for episode #165 of the Autoblog Podcast. First up, we hit the Autoblog Garage to talk about the Honda Accord Crosstour, Nissan ...

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    The Return of Wolfgang: Bernhard reportedly brought back to Mercedes-Benz

    The prodigal son returns. As with the Biblical parable, a well-loved son (ably played in real life by Wolfgang Bernhard) leaves the comfort of home (Bernhard previously served as Daimler CEO Dieter Zetsche's second in command) and embarks on a journey away from his family. Unlike our age-old ...

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    Baby Come Back: Wolfgang Bernhard returns to Daimler

    Wolfgang Bernhard is coming back to Daimler. The man who helped facilitate the sale of Chrysler to Cerebus, was instrumental in the Chrysler ME Four-Twelve supercar concept, and, most notably, the guy that drove the V10-powered Tomahawk motorcycle onto the stage at the 2003 Detroit Auto Show, will ...

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    Wolfgang Bernhard is back... at Magna?

    This is the man who brought the world the Dodge Tomahawk and advised the three-headed dog in its acquisition of Chrysler from the Germans. Former Chrysler Chief Operating Officer Wolfgang Bernhard is apparently working in an advisory role to Magna International at is tries to find its way through ...

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    Behind the scenes at a Cerberus-owned Chrysler

    With Cerberus Capital Management just about to wrap up its purchase of Chrysler Group, it's interesting to see what the private-equity firm has in store for the No. 3 U.S. automaker. This Detroit News article shows very clearly that Cerberus isn't about to sit back and wait for results. In fact, ...

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    Autoblog Podcast #72

    We tried hard to get a podcast going last week, but it just wasn't good enough. This week, the internet gods smiled on us with solid connections that cleared the way for our incisor-sharp banter. Kicking off #72, we discuss the dual surprise from Ford and GM - profit! The US operations showed ...

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    Wolfgang Bernhard to become chairman of Chrysler Group

    According to a German magazine referenced by Automotive News, Wolfgang Bernhard is expected to be announced as the Chrysler Group's chairman-in-waiting, pending DaimlerChrysler's sale of the automaker to Cerberus Capital Management. Currently Bernhard is an acting advisor, a consultant if you will, ...

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    What's up with Wolfgang? He's back at Chrysler

    Immediately following the sale of Chrysler to Cerberus, people began speculating on what role former Chrysler exec Wolfgang Bernhard would take up in the newly minted Chrysler Corp. Even we jumped on the bandwagon and suggested Bernhard, who had been hired on by Cerberus to advise the sale, would ...

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    Tell us what you really think: Lee Iacocca slams Daimler

    There aren't that many people in the world who have a stronger emotional connection to Chrysler Corp. than Lee Iacocca, father of the minivan and savior for Chrysler during the early '80s. In an article featured in BusinessWeek, Iacocca reveals his feelings and thoughts about Daimler AG's sale of ...

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    LaSorda speaks: We're not breaking up the band!

    The newly minted Chrysler Corp. held its first press conference today and carryover CEO Tom LaSorda made it clear that all of Chrysler's brands will be kept together after the sale to Cerberus Capital Management goes through. Many have been wondering if Cerberus would pull an Edward Lewis à ...

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    Wolfgang Bernhard will not be a part of the Chrysler deal. Yet!

    Now that the new Chrysler Corp. has been created by Daimler AG selling a majority stake in the company to Cerberus Capital Management, the next question is who is in charge? In recent weeks, former Chrysler group chief operating officer Wolfgang Bernhard has been quite conspicuous in the halls of ...

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    You can go home again: Bernhard sits down with Chrysler

    The last time that Chrysler was on the brink around the turn of the century, Dieter Zetsche and Wolfgang Bernhard came over from Germany to try and right the ship and seemed to have succeeded at least for a time. Then Bernhard was recalled to the mother ship in Stuttgart where he ruffled former CEO ...

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    Will consult for food: Wolfgang Bernhard hired by potential Chrysler Group bidder

    Rumors have been flying around about which companies and/or equity groups are interested in purchasing the Chrysler Group. Buyout firm Cerberus has shown it is definitely in the running by hiring former Chrysler COO Wolfgang Bernhard as a consultant. Bernhard could be an asset to Cerberus since he ...

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    Wolfgang Berhnard finds work as consultant on Chrysler sale

    Former Chrysler Group Chief Operating Officer Wolfgang Bernhard (shown above in 2002 with DaimlerChrysler CEO Dieter Zetsche) is apparently taking advantage of his inner circle knowledge of the Auburn Hills-based automaker. In order to keep busy since leaving his post as the head of Volkswagen, ...

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    Could Magna buy Chrysler and put Bernhard at the helm?

    Toronto, Ontario based Magna International is the third largest automotive supplier in the world with 2005 sales of $22.8 billion. They have had a long relationship with DaimlerChrylser both in North America and Europe including running an assembly plant in Graz, Austria that builds various ...

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    WSJ reports Wolfgang Bernhard leaving VW

    The Wall Street Journal is reporting today that Volkwagen brand chief Wolfgang Bernhard will be leaving his post next month after the company's board votes to approve a new management shakeup. Supposedly the management reorginization involves offering Bernhard a new position in which he would ...

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    Wolfgang Berhnard will be a no-show in Detroit

    A couple days ago we told you about speculation that VW brand chief Wolfgang Bernhard might leave VeeDub and return to his old haunting ground at DaimlerChrysler. While it's just a rumor, we have another rumor that just adds fuel to the burning question of whether or not Wolfgang will stay or go. ...


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