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    Report: GM relocating build-your-own engine program to Bowling Green

    Most of us would be happy to simply buy a high-performance vehicle like a Chevrolet Corvette and let the experts do the assembly. But for nearly a decade now, General Motors has offered customers the opportunity to assemble their own engines. The build-your-own engine program has allowed ...

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    Autoblog builds an LS9 for someone's Corvette ZR1

    Our completed LS9 V8 – Click above for high-res image gallery
    When you think of brands like Aston Martin, Ferrari and AMG, the idea of their engines being built by the hands of skilled craftsmen is no great surprise. However, most people would be very surprised to learn that General Motors ...

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    Movie studio looking to move into Ford's abandoned Wixom plant

    After over a year of being shuttered, Ford's abandoned plant in Wixom, Michigan could get a new lease on life in the form of a movie studio. Rumor has it that Warner Brothers Pictures is considering taking up residence in the ex-auto plant for a short period, though Ford may want something a bit ...

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    Ford's Wixom plant heads to the great assembly line in the sky

    The "Way Forward" has claimed its latest victim, this time in the form of the 50-year-old Wixom plant in Michigan. The production center, tasked with building Lincolns since 1957, has built its final White Chocolate Town Car destined for a customer in Washington D.C.However, the Town Car hasn't met ...

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    The last Ford GT rolls out of Saleen's Troy, MI facility

    The end is nigh for the Ford GT, as the last production car has rolled out of the Troy, Michigan Saleen facility where most of the car's final assembly was completed. was on hand to cover the occasion, which saw Ford's Fred Goodenow, SVT Design Engineering Manager for the GT, pose ...

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    Deal or No Deal: Nearly one-third of Ford's Wixom employees take the money

    With nary a Howie Mandel lookalike in sight, almost one-third of Ford's workers at its Wixom Assembly Plant in Michigan have taken the company's buyout bait- comprising everything from early retirement plans to $100,000 one-time payouts. All told, 433 of 1,433 hourly employees played took up the ...


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