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    Video: Volkswagen building Beetle Shark Cage in honor of Shark Week [w/video]

    What do sharks and the Volkswagen Beetle have in common? No, this isn't a joke. We can't really come up with any uncontrived correlations, but that isn't stopping VW from being the title sponsor of Discovery Channel's 25th annual Shark Week. But, apparently, VW and Discovery also had some ...

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    Video: History of Formula One cars in wireframes is neato

    Say what you will about Formula One, but the sport remains a showcase for some of the most impressive automotive engineering on the planet. That's nothing new, either. F1 has always served as a showcase for pure design in the pursuit of a singular purpose. One creative soul has taken the time to ...

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    Range Rover Evoque gets the Benedict Radcliffe wireframe art treatment [w/video]

    Land Rover Evoque goes wireframe – Click above to watch video after the jump
    Land Rover is officially in love with wireframe artwork. In September of 2010, four artists were commissioned to produce wireframe interpretations of the Range Rover Evoque. For the 2011 Geneva Motor Show, Land ...

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    I can see its ribs! Toyota Corolla in wireframe

    Art and automobiles share an uneasy crossroads. Automotive body design is certainly art, but the expression tends to be curtailed by the demands of commerce. Design a car that leans too far towards pure art, and the market will reject it. The symbiosis of needs has served the automotive industry ...


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