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    Report: Ford suing Dana over faulty Windstar frames

    Ford Motor Company is suing supplier Dana Corp., seeking reimbursement for what it says are faulty vehicle frames. According to an Associated Press report, Ford claims that Dana frames were the cause of a 2011 recall of close to a half a million Windstar minivans. Apparently, the salt used ...

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    Ford Windstar recalled again, this time for suspension issues

    Back in August, Ford recalled 462,750 Windstar minivans in Salt-belt states for rear axle corrosion problems, with another 117,000 units recalled in Canada. Then Utah's 29,900 Windstar owners were added to the list in November. In 2009, Ford also recalled 1.7 million Windstars for faulty cruise ...

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    Report: NHTSA getting serious about Ford Windstar axle rust probe

    The Ford Windstar is already being examined by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The rear axles were the initial target of investigation but now the review has widened due to claims of the Windstar's front subframe also being prone to corrosion. So far, NHTSA says it has logged ...

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    Report: Recalled Ford Windstar minivans piling up at dealers

    Estimates place the number of Ford Windstar minivans involved in the rear axle recall at about 575,000. The 1998-2003 model year vans have suffered cracked and damaged rear axles, especially in the salt belt. Owners have been dropping them off at Ford dealers to be repaired, and according to a ...

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    Official: Ford Windstar recalled over rear axle risk

    Back in May, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration started investigating cases of rear axles breaking in late model Ford Windstar minivans after receiving hundreds of complaints from owners. Over three months later, an official recall has just been announced that covers 575,000 ...

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    Report: NHTSA expands Ford Windstar corrosion probe to front subframes

    The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration has opened a second investigation into 1999-2003 Ford Windstar minivans. The new probe has arisen amidst reports of front subframe corrosion that can cause the vehicle to lose steering. Apparently, a number of owners in salt-belt states ...

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    Report: Hundreds of complaints about Ford Windstar axles snapping, yet no NHTSA inquiry [UPDATE]

    Toyota's recent issues have turned the lights on automakers' and governments' responses to consumer complaints. Two of the questions to arise, which still haven't been answered, are what is the threshold for customer complaints to be considered a safety defect, and when should the National ...

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    eBay Find of the Day: Saleen Windstar (Seriously!)

    Click above for image gallery of the Saleen Ford Windstar
    Outrageous minivans are oddities of the train wreck variety. You don't want to, but you just gotta look. And we're suckers for them. Not that long ago we had the ridiculously fast, jet-powered Dodge Caravan, and then there was the show but ...

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    Ford subject of another fire investigation

    Even after recalling 10 million vehicles over the past few years, Ford just can't seem to shake the cruise control blues. There have been 130 reports of fires in 1998-2003 Ford Windstars, both during use and while parked, and the NHTSA is looking into the matter to determine if a recall is needed. ...

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    Ford S-Max spotted in L.A.; headed to the States?

    Alert Autoblog reader, Ku Kim, spotted an odd-looking van in Los Angeles traffic. With his always-handy mobile phone, he snapped a couple of pictures of Ford's new S-Max. But wait, you say, that's not supposed to be here! You're right. The S-Max is Ford's middle-tier European minivan, uh sorry, ...

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    All in a Name: No end to the free advice for Ford, no need to rechange names

    Click the image above for the Autoblog Five-Hundred gallery In the news, at the water cooler, and in your favorite auto magagine, there is no shortage of advice for Ford Motor Company. Advice for new engines, better marketing, and rear drive architectures come flowing in at all angles. Most of ...

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    Lights out: Production ends for Ford Freestar

    Thank God it's over. Goodbye Freestar, you won't be missed. Ford has turned out its last head-gasket-consuming, transmission-torturing, flaccid minivan. It was a good try twelve years ago when it debuted as the Windstar, but time has not been kind to Ford's efforts. Moreover, Ford was not kind to ...


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